Temporary Jobs: The Answer to Unemployment

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With the rise in inflation each year and an ongoing recession in the numbers of jobs, it is more and more difficult to sustain even a simple lifestyle. People have been laid off jobs or are finding it difficult to find a permanent one. Temporary jobs are one lucrative option for such people and a solution to unemployment in case you are one of those who are still waiting for a company to hire you for a permanent job.

These are also known by the names of freelance, contractual, interim, seasonal or temp employees who take up a temporary position in a company when it needs more workers in a period of time. Depending on the need of the company that they are working for, contractual employees can either fill in part-time or full-time jobs. In fact due to a huge demand for temporary jobs in several fields, many agencies have come up who cater solely to those who wish to work on a contractual basis.

Labour hire is one of the most popular jobs that can be done on a seasonal basis. Blue collar workers are outsourced by job agencies for various levels of skills to work for a predetermined period of time with a certain company. Construction companies and agricultural companies that require harvests are generally the ones that hire labour through this way.

Moreover, even many white-collar workers are turning to short-term jobs for various reasons. For nurses, doctors, physical therapists, dental assistants and radiological technologists, mainly those working in the medical industry, temporary jobs are imperative for them to gain experience. There are hundreds of hospice units, nursing care homes and hospitals that are looking for temporary workers to suit their needs.

Apart from experience, another important factor for workers to do a temp-job is to earn money till they can find a permanent position. Many workers like copywriters, secretaries, data encoders, assistants and transcription holders work on temporary basis for the sole purpose of earning. These days, contractual job offers can be found even in the food and hotel management industry and in the maintenance industry looking for waiters, waitresses, janitors, window cleaners and bus boys/girls. In order to gain experience and earn money on temporary means, many college undergraduates and graduates are also applying for seasonal jobs.

With unemployment looming around, temporary jobs are a lucrative option to gain experience, earn and create a better profile in order to get that permanent job.

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