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We have had enough of those articles and blogs that say how multi faceted some products are but there are some that need to be spared. You just cannot use anything on your face; here are some products that you should religiously avoid getting near your face to ensure that your skin is in good shape and texture. Mark it, make a list and tattoo it in your head.

1. Hair Spray.

If somebody ever told you that you should apply hair spray on your face to make your make up last, shoot that person because hair spray contains alcohol that makes your face dry. Alcohol dehydrates your skin and makes it look older than your actual age. Also hair spray make your facial hair courser and more profoundly visible. So next think twice before taking such advice.

2. Deodorant.

Just because some deodorants keep sweat away from your hair doesn’t means that you can spray it on your face to keep sweat away. Deodorants are not a good option to be used on your facial skin it can cause severe irritation and can cause eruptions. Therefore keep deodorants for your body only. Also the chemical that contain cloro floro carbons can ruin your skin big time, causing severe eruption and red patchy skin.

3. Hair Color.

If you are one of those who like coloring your hair a lot and want your eyebrows to match to it don’t try on the same hair color on your eyebrows. Hair dyes have ammonia that can cause irritation to your skin and can as eyebrows are an area very near to your eyes it can cause irritation in your eyes and can also evoke tears. Use colored mascaras or eye pencils in lieu of box dyes and hair colors.

4. Vegetable Shortening.

Even though this can be applied to your body skin to help treat psoriasis, it’s far too heavy for your face and may even clog your pores, leading to breakouts.

5. Shampoo.

There is a reason why shampoos are made for cleaning your hair and body wash for your body and face wash for your face, because all these differ in intensity and formula. Shampoos are meant to be used on your skin, shampoos are made for hair shafts and therefore if used on the face can cause severe drying up of your facial skin to the extent of making it flaky. So if shampoos climbs down to your face remove it do not use it!

6. Hair Serum.

Just because a formula has the word “serum” on the label doesn’t mean it’s the same kind of serum that your skin can handle. You cover your hair shafts with it so it can’t be the same thing that help removes fine lines from your face and it will not smoothen your skin, for the fact it contains heavy fragrant ingredients that can further damage your skin by causing irritation.

7. Body Lotion.

It is not a good idea to slather one cream over every part of your body including the face. Body lotions are a lot more thicker that face creams and lotions to be precise the skin of your other body parts is different from your facial skin as your face is far more delicate than your bodily skin. Therefore you should use something gentle on your skin. Also your skin need a lotion that targets more than just moisturizing your skin, like anti aging and removing dark spots.

8. Foot Creams

Please please please! Not even in your wildest dream, never try out foot creams on your face. How can you use the same cream for two extreme ends of your body? Foot creams are far thicker than the creams used for your face therefore they can make your face greasy and can clog pores and the final result will be your best enemy that is acne. So even if it’s a small zit of dry skin your are trying it on please avoid.

9. Nail Polish.

If you are trying to make up your face for Halloween or to add up any hint of punk please do not use nail paints because the acrylic molecules in make your skin dry. So try face paints instead of nail polish on your face, I mean why would and how could you?

10. Acetic Acids aka Vinegar.

Yes many magazines and blogs say that you can use vinegar as a toner but taking off vinegar from your kitchen shelf and applying it on your face. Use a toner like a real one because a vinegar can be harsh, it can dry up your skin more than you wanted it to be so don’t splash on vinegar. Kitchen tips are good but not always useful.

11. Mayonnaise.

Mayonnaise is a good DIY ingredient for a hair mask but it is not a good one for your face. Mayonnaise is thick and oily that can clog your pores and can result in acne eruptions. Also mayonnaise contains flavoring that can make your skin even worse. There are many other ways you can get better skin through kitchen ingredients but spare this one.