Thought control – its all in the mind!

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Our heart never stops working. It works tirelessly till the day we die. It is our duty to keep it healthy. But let’s move slightly upwards. There are a lot of TV and print ads of various products that are supposed to be good for your heart. Moreover when something is wrong with it, our body often gives us signals and if we are aware about our health, we can take care of it. Our heart is not the only one working tirelessly. Our brain works tirelessly too. It might rest when we sleep, but considering the way we treat it, it really needs to. When our brain is tired or ‘ill’ the signals it gives are very ambiguous and difficult to catch. Very often we aren’t aware that it is actually telling us it has had enough. However, I am referring here to the mind and not the brain. The brain being ‘ill’ is more physical. I specially want to talk about our mental well – being. When we are ill mentally, and no I am not referring to any kind of a disability because that still makes it a little physical. We fall ill mentally pretty often. When we get angry, upset, frustrated and more so when we let these negative feelings overtake us. It is very important for us to be in control of our mind, its thought processes and it shouldn’t be the other way around.


We roughly have about ten thousand thoughts daily. The most unbelievable part of these streams of thoughts is that about 90% of them were the ones we thought of the previous day. This is one of the major reasons why people get into ‘sour’ or bad moods. The thoughts usually belong to our past and there’s nothing we can do about most of them.  It happened in the past, what do you expect? There is nothing we can do now that will changed what happened (break – up, loss of job, loss of someone). Yet, we keep thinking various versions of them day after day and spoil our moods. Another major problem with many of us is that we ‘over – think’. Yes, there is something called over – thinking and it has messed up not only many moods but also several lives. Feeling upset about something is human nature but wasting your days thinking about it shall really make you lose focus on the present. When stuck at home some of us have long hours of idle time and hence pours in boredom which comes with its share of thoughts. Why then is it so important to control these thoughts?


As mentioned earlier, things in the past are supposed to remain in the past. Your present is more important. Focus on the now. When you think too much about anything, you actually make situations which shall never exist or rather situations that haven’t yet happened and it puts you in a bad mood. Unnecessary thoughts hinder with our concentration and we don’t perform well in our daily tasks. You don’t want to be fired from work, do you? Controlling our thoughts also makes us disciplined and organized. When we give into our thoughts we become lazy and useless – literally. Our mind is very tricky. It can easily convince us to do or not to do something. It is also very important for our self – esteem. Negative thoughts can lower your confidence level, make you feel inferior. Time to control them. However, with all decisions the most important thing needed for mind control is the will and the determination to do so. So what do we do?

Firstly, keep your mind occupied with tasks. Do not take naps or rest unless required. Your mind has more potential than you give it credit for. If you’re stuck at home on a holiday, vary your tasks. Don’t just curl up on the sofa to watch your favourite soap or movie. Clean the house, cook something new, join an art class, find a new hobby, read a book. There is always a lot to do. Just push yourself a little.

Focus on the positive things in your life. Your life can’t be all that bad. Remember it is up to you to make something good out of nothing. Smile. Keep smiling and try going out with your friends especially hanging around those who seem to be happy all the time. Their secret is simple. They don’t let things get to them. Learn to say no. If you don’t want that extra drink, say no. If you can’t take any more work assignments say it.

Help someone. There are people with problems worse than you. Give your old clothes to charity. Donate some money. Be there for a friend. Your silent presence at someone’s misery is more important to that someone than your endless blabber and unsolicited advice. Stop comparing yourself to others. Stop judging other. They lead a different life from you. Learn something good from them instead.

Take responsibility for your failures. Things may or may not have been different under different circumstances, situations or with different people. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t to blame. You choose what happens to you. Do not rely on destiny. You can make something work or break. Take your pick.

Exercise. It refreshes you. Or practice yoga with meditation. It is very helpful in helping you control your thoughts. Eat well and sleep well. It is sad how we underestimate the importance of both.  Good food and good sleeps can help you rejuvenate on daily basis.

It doesn’t take much to put your thoughts in control. Focus these wide arrays of thoughts on something more creative and make something of your life. It is up to you. It always has been.  Think over it.