It’s the thought that counts

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There are only a few things which are critical in shaping our lives. One of the most critical factors in life is thinking. Every thought  sends out signals to the rest of the world telling the world what your greatest desire is. The world in turn receives your signal and gives you various opportunities to realize your desires. It is almost as if Newton’s law of attraction works for thoughts as well. Every thought of your mind attracts something to your life. Your thoughts are in a way the designers and architects of your life. Every thought you think has an impact on your life. This is why positive thinking is given so much importance these days. Think that you have something and you are half way through in acquiring it. Positive thinking is as simple as it is effective. This strategy works for everyone.

Have you ever wondered why every single religion in the world propagates praying as a daily ritual to be performed? This was the earliest way of showing how thoughts influence your life. If you pray for something everyday, it tends to happen in the course of time. God may have answered your prayers. But it is also true that the universe conspired with you and helped you to acquire something. Your thoughts directed your life on the required path. By now I am sure you will be convinced that your thought process is critical through out your life. Now I will lay emphasis on the importance of staying inspired.

Every human being has infinite potential. Most of us use only less than a quarter of it. Those who strive to use more of their hidden and latent potentials become legends. There is no limit as to how much we can achieve. We only have to be willing to work hard to get things done. Impossible is nothing.

What distinguishes a great man from an ordinary one is most often the amount of hard work put in. Another important factor that we overlook is the level of inspiration and self motivation. Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Being mentally stimulated means that your thoughts are more productive, useful and highly creative. When you are inspired you tend to think of unique and interesting solutions to existing problems. Your mind will focus on the way to solve things and not on the problems themselves. You will be living a life that revolves around good things. Being inspired will ensure that you happy almost always. That is a very important thing. Inspired persons tend to radiate productive thoughts. You will also inspire people around you.  This will lead to high productivity at work and happiness at home.

I will list out a few ways to stay inspired.

1.     Read inspirational books:

This is one way to stay inspired and highly motivated all the time. These books contain a lot of inspiring quotes. They also include a list of success stories. Life stories of other people tend to raise the level of inspiration.

2.     Watch successful people speak about their success stories:

This will create an unimaginable impact on you. If possible go for their lectures. Just listening to them speak will get you high. It affects you more as you know they started out as ordinary people. When they could do it, so can you. That will be the thought that will run on your mind the most. When you start to wonder about things you can do, your mind will come up with many wonderful ideas. And when you are motivated everything will seem doable. All heights will seem surmountable and every target achievable.

3.      Think positive:

Don’t let negative thoughts into your mind. Every time a negative thought creeps in replace it with a positive thought. You can’t just remove a negative thought. It has to be REPLACED immediately. Make sure you are constantly in sync with your thoughts. Only then will you be able to always consciously think positively and make good things happen in your life. Positive thoughts will lead to  definite progress .

4.     Plan your tasks:

The most important thing is to plan what you want to do. Only then will you be able to execute it. Make a plan for your day. Have a journal to note down your schedule.

5.     Set realistic goals:

Do not expect miracles instantly. Make your goals realistic and achievable. Then your level of inspiration will help you achieve your goals in a shorter span of time.

6.     Monitor your progress:

This will help you to stay inspired. When you start executing your plans make sure you observe the small changes. When you notice the small improvements don’t let them go unnoticed. Give yourself a pat on the back for every little progress you make. It will go a long way in helping you to stay inspired and motivated for long.

When you follow all the above steps and make sure you monitor your thoughts , nothing can stop you from excelling. Strive for excellence and success is sure to follow.



I am a third year Electronics and Communication Engineering student with a passion for literature. I am an avid reader ;particularly fascinated by modern fiction . I love to pen short pieces about day to day occurrences.