Time to breathe!

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Time to breathe!

Is the air we breathe safe? Do you think so the air we inhale is pure? I don’t think so. We might not notice or feel but there is lot of pollutant in the air due to emissions of various gases and chemicals in the air. Factory outlets many kind of gases even car produces exhaust fumes leading to air borne diseases and one of them is “Asthma”. The pollution just intensifies the situation for them. As today is “World Asthma Day” let’ share something about asthma. Asthma is long lasting lung disease which causes much more in adults but is higher in numbers in children. Asthma arises in any stage not in particular mention age though. Air pollution is not the only means of factor leading to asthma there other factors too. Allergies sometimes make the situation worse for people. Normally we can see that when someone is unable to breathe or is hard to breathe it leads to asthma. In situation where you need more air to breathe like while during you do exercise you require more amount of oxygen to breathe as you work out you are exhausted. In asthma your airways are tighten and air passages are swollen making you to inhale more air. Asthma is mostly of two kinds- allergic and non-allergic. Allergic asthma causes triggers to attack which is normal form of asthma. It involves immune system into action whereas non-allergic asthma does not involve immune system such asthma occur when one is stressed or is facing anxiety. According to recent estimates found out asthma affects 300 million people in the world. It also indicates that asthma kills 255000 people worldwide. Surprising right? Did you ever thought about it that such disease can affect so many number of people and kill people in large amount. You might be thinking what exactly causes asthma here are few risk factors which will help you to keep check on. prevention is better than any cure, right!

–          Allergies as I mentioned above is one of the factor which leads to asthma.

–          Tobacco smoke is another factor which causes higher risk of asthma.

–          Household cleaner and painters can also lead to asthma.

–          Nitrogen oxide which is released from a gas stove is also dangerous.

–          Air pollution, cold temperatures, high humidity, etc. can also cause asthma.

–          Weather change also acts as a trigger of asthma.

–          Obesity: overweight can cause asthma. Especially person having body mass index (BMI) between 25 and 30. Those who have BMI above 30 have twice the risk of getting asthma.

–          It is also found that people who undergo stress also face asthma problems in higher amount.

–          Few of them get asthma due to their hereditary pass on genes.

–          Being exposed to smoke.

–          It may be severe or more frequent in people who tend to have chest infection.

Signs and symptoms which will help you to recognize whether you are facing the problem of asthma or not which are as follow:

–          Shortness of breathe

–          Wheezing or panting which usually begins suddenly

–          Chest tightness (Chest pain may be a symptom of a number of serious conditions and is generally considered a medical emergency. Even though it may be determined that the pain is non-cardiac in origin, this is often a diagnosis of exclusion made after ruling out more serious causes of the pain) *definition by Wikipedia*.

–          Severe anxiety

–          Rapid pulse rate

–          Excessive sweating

–          When you feel there is confusion or drowsiness i.e. your level of consciousness is decreased.

–          Coughing that won’t stop

–          Chest pain or pressure

–          Blue lips or fingernails

–          Difficulty talking


Unfortunately asthma cannot be cured but it surely can be prevented. There are few prevention measure tips to take if you face such problems followed as:

–          First step is to learn about your asthma and try to control it.

–          Identify the triggers which causes your asthma as in what kick your asthma like when you run to fast or you when do you get exhausted more what factor exactly acts as trigger. Once you find the root cause try to stay away so it will help to reduce the risk.

–          Keep a check on how often do you face, when you face it will help you to track down the pattern.

–          Consult a doctor soon so it will help you in medication

–          As mentioned above the risk factors try to control those which will surely help you in tackling the asthma

–          Most important thing is try to treat the asthma at the early stage itself.

–          Exercise and yoga can help you better because it strengthens you lung and keeps your body weight proper and maintained.

–          Proper diet and meal also keeps you intact.

–          Last but not the least avoids getting stress.


It’s time when we start playing our roles to keep our environment clean and keep you healthy. It’s high time to stop blaming others for your act as pollution is not cause by one single person or the so called other person it’s always included with you in it. keep yourself in check and hope others do the same.