Time to change

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Have you been stuck at a point where you feel this is it I can’ take it more? I had enough I cannot handle this anymore? Everyone has been at this point isn’t it? Yes, indeed sometimes we feel so helpless and exhausted from all the stuff going around us we just feel like quitting everything then and there itself. You may face many instances in your life long journey that will pull you down each time you try hard but keep in mind it’s just the starting you might not know how close you are to achieve the success. If you give up initially you won’t be able to achieve the desired goal. When you feel it is time to change for better and you want to achieve the extra-ordinary result I suggest refer to the book  “How to get from where you Are to where you want to Be” by Jack Canfield. Jack Canfield is a co-creator of Chicken Soup for the Soul enterprise built his $80 million business from nothing. So here you can see such a big role model though. He is been everything from nothing so why can’t you also be? Right, I mean we are not less than anyone. He is a human being so are we. Canfield’s has some out of the box principles which really motivates you and keeps you energetic every time to take a step further always. I personally suggest you should read if you have a low self-esteem or you feel demotivated after every failure. Canfield has just 25 principles short and simple if you follow I tell you it’s amazing and a really cool technique to boost you up for each and every battle. I bet once you start applying this rules and techniques you will reach your desired aim. Canfield’s insights are clear, simple and extremely powerful they help you till the last. They turn your life upside down from worst to best from negative to positive. When I read it for the first time I was like what the hell it works! I was worried as in what should I do after my graduation? How will I pass through my exams? What’s my goal? What do I want exactly? I seriously had no clue of it. Once I was just wandering and found out this book and was just reading it for fun. Gradually I was interested and so much in to that book. My ideas, my thoughts, my opinions started to take shape and form a new outlook towards every situation and every person. My point of view was changed completely I could feel the change in my attitude and behavior. Everything suddenly became so positive and happening. I became fearless and it affected my life in lot more good ways. It helps to become a better person and surely you will start loving yourself more than before. You read it once and whole thing is in your hand, you are the boss of yourself all world is yours. It’s a lasting impact on one’s image and will create your image and form your attitude in the best way you can ever think. But this is not it, this principles work if you work the principles. As in if you won’t be practical it won’t be helpful as you need to work your things out just being theoretical will lead you to nothing.  In today’s complex world it is the profound theory given by Cafield and it is effective. Your visions get automatically cleared after you read this and finish it once and for all. I am not just saying this stuff but I really mean all of the above it works wonders. Out of this 25 principles 3 of them I personally think is the most important and will help you shape your character. First of all is take 100% responsibility of your success and failure both. If you lose it’s because you did mistake somewhere and if you win you are the sole reason behind it. Secondly decide what you want, your particular goal should be cleared so that you take steps accordingly. Last but not the least believe in yourself, it is the most important thing you should keep in mind. If you do not believe in what you think and do all is worthless. This book is written so brilliantly and is so simple you just need to get up and give action to it. This book is a true winner to your success. If you want a real success in your life follow this. It is a package of information overloaded, with lots of information stuffed in it and the top most things is that it understand the individual so well that it helps each type of person to conquer his achievement. His compassion and support will take you to the top it’s for sure. There are many books like this but no other book is as best as this. If there is any dream out there which is yet to be attained sure shot you will after reading this. I hope my review have motivated you much enough to read it.