Some tips for brides

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Wedding is the most awaited and important part of a girl’s life. It takes a lot of effort and patience in finding a suitable groom. A girl as she grows up sets for herself in her mind that parameter for her perfect soul mate. When this dream guy steps into the real world, the joy knows no bounds. Therefore marriages are a different world altogether. No matter to which strata of the society one belongs to, the preparations for the marriage are several folds more of what they can achieve. A lot goes into planning a wedding; from the venue to the menu. But what is the most important part of any wedding, food – no, venue – no, decorations – no. The most important part is the reason for the occasion, the wedding couple. Each and every person stepping in is for them. They are the eye candies, especially the bride. She is the centre of attraction. The beauty of this lady will be the talk show for the weeks to come. There is just one rule, the bride has to be the prettiest and this cannot be achieved in just a day.


It takes a lot of efforts to get the best out of you. When it comes to look your best you have to follow a strict set of rules, a rigorous regime for months. Just Kidding!!! Looking your best is a game of correct ingredients and skills. When you are preparing to look your best for that big day then we have a few tips for you.

You need to keep in mind that looking good is not just about clothes, jewelry or makeup but a perfect combination of these. As a bride you need to be very careful in selecting things for yourself. Right from dress to the heels you wear, everything demands your high attention. Another important aspect is your skin. Make up can do the trick to a large extent but in that newly wedded phase you can’t always wear wake up. It is very important to have a naturally good skin and that requires time.

So here are a few tips to be the most gorgeous bride your man has ever seen: –

  • Start preparing early: -


Acne, blemishes, pigmentations are a very common problem for a girl. If you have skin problems then it is very important for you to start taking care of your skin at least a few weeks to months before. Strictly monitor your diet and see that you cut on carbs and fats. Have lots of fruits and vegetables which will help to supply nutrients to your skin to make it healthier from within. Also if you are a bulky one, put yourself on a diet so that on your best day, you are in your best shape.

  • Facial treatments: -

Fruits and vegetables take care of the problematic elements from within but what about the elements which affect your skin from outside? To rescue your skin from clogged pores, skin eruptions and blackheads are the facial treatments. According to your skin select the appropriate creams. Do not expose to your skin to the steam for a long time. A facial treatment once every month is very helpful. Three to four such sessions will improve your skin health remarkably.

  • Skin Scrubbing: -

Scrubbing is a very essential aspect of skin care regimen. The purpose of scrubbing is to remove the dead skin cells, unclog the pores and thus enhance the skin radiance. While choosing a scrubber make sure that is gentle to the skin. The exfoliating particles should not be too big or hard. Use the scrub gently at least twice a week and this will improve the skin texture surprisingly.

  • Eye brows: -


One needs to be very careful with the eye brows because they high light the face. BE very sure of the shape that you want to give. It takes some time for the eye brows to get the desired shape. Hence while doing the eye brows go to a good professional beautician. Be frequent with your parlor visits as a regular threading will finally allow you to get the perfect eye brows. Also take care of the facial hair if that is a big problem. There are many easy methods out there so discuss this with your beautician.

  • Make up: -

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On the day of event you need to look your best and getting the perfect look in the first go may be difficult. Save the hassle on the main day, try different looks when there is still time. Check different shades of compact and blush-ons and lipsticks and see what makes you shine the most. Hire a professional for the make-up on the main day. A bride needs to look bright but do not over do the colors. A professional knows her work but also be ready with your suggestions as you know what suits you the most.

  • Bridal dress: -

Indian-Bridal-Lehnga-collection-2013-2014_1160IM1    Indian-Bridal-Dresses-2013-free-download

A bridal dress is the most prominent trait of a marriage. Before you set out to hunt for the right dress first think about what kind of a look do you want to endorse. Think of the colors which will enhance your complexion. A better option would be to go to a shop and get a dress rather than getting it on line. Try the outfit before you set your heart on one. Select the dress as per your body shape. If you have a toned body, go for the fish cuts with short choli. If you are a bit on the bulky side go for the traditional lehengas and shararas.

These are some of the most basic tips for a bride to rock her most special day. Dazzle the world with the simple steps and we are sure that your husband will never forget his wedding anniversary.

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