Some Tips for Expecting Mothers

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It is a desire of every girl or woman to be a mother. A lady as she understand the true meaning of womanhood, she starts looking at herself as someone who has the power to give birth to a new life. It is probably the biggest news for a woman that she is expecting. She starts feeling the child inside her when it is nothing but just an aggregation of a few cells. She plans each and every thing for the newly arriving soul. She starts thinking of names, picking up clothes, selecting toys etc for the child who is not even born yet. A trend to notice here is that, the pregnant mother and her entire family is too busy in thinking about what is going to come. There is very little focus on what is there at the moment. A lot needs to be done in those crucial 9 months to make sure that the child arrives safely into this world. It is very important to ensure that the term is safe for both the mother and the child. There are many things together contribute to the overall well being of the expecting mother and the arriving infant.

Every action and habit of the mother affects the child in one way or the other. It becomes a very difficult task for the mother to monitor her activities so as to allow maximum benefits to reach the child. Right from the food to exercise, right from medications to entertainment, right from family relations to environment; everything affects the child and the mother. This is the reason it is often suggested that a pregnant should always be kept happy and her wishes and cravings should be attended spontaneously.

It is very difficult to take monitor oneself 24/7 for the entire 9 months. It is also not feasible for the family to keep a check on all the stuff listed on the to-do list. Hence a proper guidance from experts is very essential. We can suggest a few tips, adopting which you can ensure that your journey to motherhood is going to be smooth. The following some very basic tips for an expecting mother

  • Psychological preparation: -


No one said being a mother is going to be easy and honestly speaking it is not. These 9 months subject a woman to the limits of her abilities. These 9 months are a test of endurance, patience, selflessness and suffering. A woman wakes up with morning sickness and goes to bed with a sore body. The diet goes for a toss, the body gets heavier and weaker. No doubt you will lose those perfect curves you worked so hard for. We all know this; motherhood changes a woman in more than just one way. Hence prepare yourself psychologically. Grill it in your mind that no matter what, you are in for this and that child will be the biggest gift ever. Prepare yourself mentally and the journey will become much easier.

  • Food habits: -It is one of the minor and yet the major changes that you need to make during pregnancy. You must have a balanced diet that covers up all the special requirements during this period. Do not over eat as this will do no good. Carefully plan out the diet chart and consume only the required proportions. Have plenty of fruits, vegetables and dairy products to keep up with the added demand of vitamins and minerals. Have fish at least once a week. Do not get involved with smoking and drinking during pregnancy as this can drastically affect the child. 
  • Medication:


Pregnancy is not the time to self medicate and experiment. Keep in mind that anything that goes in your body can become a part of your child’s body. Medications are often a necessity at this time but it becomes very necessary to assess the benefits of these medications carefully. Hence over the entire term visit your doctor regularly and take his advice, every piece of it, seriously. Take only the prescribed medications and do not take any medication without consulting him. Iron supplements, multi vitamins and minerals are very commonly given during pregnancy.

  • Checkups:


Pregnancy is a long term i.e. 9 months and so just one or two days of monitoring won’t do any good. The pregnant mother needs to under regular checkups say once every month or once every 3 months. The mother is asked to get Ultrasound scan done periodically to monitor the growth of the fetus. Also undergo regular blood checkups for diabetes, thyroid abnormalities and anemia and these are very commonly observed in pregnant woman.

  • Exercise: -


A woman puts on a lot of weight during pregnancy. On an average a woman puts on about 20 kg during the course of 9 months. The body undergoes a lot of changes. Hence it is very important to keep the body in motion so that the process of parturition becomes easier. There is a particular set of exercise that is for the pregnant ladies. Doing this as directed on a regular basis during the term, allows the uterus to be flexible and makes birth easier. It also helps in improving blood circulation, burn fat and thus helps in overall health of the woman and ultimately the child.

These are just the basic thins on which every [regnant lady needs to focus on. In addition to this, it is also important to keep the house atmosphere happy and stress free. A woman needs to be healthy not just physically but also mentally to bring your next generation into this world. So take these basic suggestions and make this long journey slightly easier for yourself. Be cautious and careful cause one ounce of negligence can cost you a lot. So prepare yourself for the day you will meet your little one in person.

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