Tips to explore your skin

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In our world fashion and beauty has prominence since ancient ages till now and surely will be carry forward to the future no doubt in that though. Don’t you all agree? Yes obviously we all do. Everyone desires to look smart, attractive. As usual we often tend to say, “Beauty is to women and women is to beauty. Beauty not only talks about the appearance but in overall speaks about face, neck, hands, legs, waist the total body language. You should know about skin properly to explore it. You should know how and what way your skin react to the surroundings in certain climates in order to take proper care of it and keep skin away from the skin problems that we all face nowadays a lot due to the rise in pollution. If you want to keep your skin glowing, attractive, healthy you should have a proper diet and should take proper care and maintain your skin accordingly. In today’s generation of having fast foods and sudden change in temperature skin gets spoiled, tanning of skin is detected. We can protect  ourselves from such kind of problems by following the various tips which am going to be mention below which will help you to maintain the skin properly. They are as follows:

–          We tend to have one concept about our look is that it need the care externally but we are wrong we need to cleanse and maintain our skin internally. Internal process includes proper eating habits by avoiding too much of sweets, fried food, fat contained foods, alcohols and cakes. I know everyone would be like give up on yummy items I can’t do it. It’s not necessary to cut down this but at least you can bring your habits in control. The reason you should avoid too much intake is because these causes blemisher and blotchiness on the skin’s surface.

–          Eat one seasonal fruit in the morning preferably before you eat anything else, eat raw vegetables and greens should be in your diet.

–          Your diet should include vitamin and protein rather than those containing fats.

–          Drink lot of water at least 4-5 liters per day.

–          When you step outside of the house protect your skin from hot sun and dust. Also cover your head with scarf or carry an umbrella to avoid the sun rays affecting your skin. Also the main things apply skin lotion.

–          Clean your skin at least twice a day i.e. once in the morning and again in the night before going to sleep with the suitable products.

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–          Do not keep trying new cosmetics the come into the market as it will damage your skin’s goodness. Keep a constant product.

–          For softening your skin make use of coconut oil or bathing oil. For making your own bathing oil you can take down the steps- one cup palm oil, almond oil, olive oil in equal proportions and half cup of wheat gram oil. Mix them well and keep it in a bottle in the dark. Take a little of it and massage into the whole body before bathing.

–          While bathing keep one thing in mind do not use too much of hot water nor too much of cold water. Always use the moderate water for bathing.

–          Use a body brush to break down the more fleshy skin tissue of the body. Bath brush helps to soften the hard skin often found on the feet, knees and elbows.









–        Once in a week apply face pack suitable to your skin type.

–          Skin pattern changes as the season change i.e. it may be dry, oily or smooth. Accordingly take care of the skin.

–          Always wear clean and dry clothes avoid wet and tight close.

–          Whenever you try to experiment with your skin always test it on the small patch of skin as skin is the delicate part it may affect easily. If you do not find any irritation or burning sensation then apply it to your rest of the skin.

–          If you see any infection or rash or any kind of allergic marks immediately consult your doctor before it start spreading.

–          In summers use prickly heat powder over your body to avoid small rashes and pimples.

–          Better have twice a bath in daily especially in summers.

–          Consumption of food that contains iron keeps your blood purified resulting into your skin look good.

–          Stop using creams and powders just because you have it use it properly and in proper amount excessive use of it may lead to infections.

–          Use soft soaps which contain fewer chemicals.

–          Stick to any one shampoo and soap do not keep changing it.

–          Whenever you apply makeup after coming back home remove it with cotton dipped in cleansing milk or wash off your face cleanly.

–          To prevent pimples one can opt for cucumber, carrot or radish in their food.

–          Do not touch pimples or it will leave behind the scars on face.

–          Face care needs three basics requirements cleansing, toning, nourishing these follow up a good skin care programs.