Tips to feel beautiful inside and out!

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This article is for all you girls who want to explore the beauty within yourselves.
As it is said, the word ‘beauty’ is not just about your physical appearance but it is a word with endless definitions! It could be taken as a form of positive energy that radiates from within ourselves and is not only about applying cosmetics and looking good. If you want to look beautiful, you need to feel it inside first. Feeling beautiful will ultimately give you inner joy and self satisfaction. Some of you may feel even more confident and energized if someone tells you, “hey…you look beautiful!”
So how can one feel beautiful..? Let’s find out!

1. Early to bed, early to rise

First of all, start off by developing a habit to go to bed early as well as wake up early in the morning. This will not only help you feel absolutely fresh but also give you mental stability. First thing you should do in the morning is stretch yourself up and sit up straight on your bed for a while with a beautiful and confident smile on your face thanking God for a wonderful life you have been given. While sitting, keep your shoulders back and chest spread out which will make you will feel taller, slimmer and radiant. When you sit with your posture erect and close your eyes, you receive a message from your brain that says “I feel good about myself”. Don’t make any sort of judgements when you look yourself in the mirror like suppose you see a scar on your face, you can either decide to see it as a flaw or just a memory of an injury. Studies have revealed that when your eyes take in something that please you, your brain’s entire reward system are activated and make you feel special.
Always remember that self satisfaction plays a vital role in making you feel beautiful from the inside. on appearance

Secondly, it will be time to put in little efforts for the enrichment of your ‘physical’ beauty which will actually ease the process of feeling beautiful. So brush and floss your teeth well for that charming smile of yours and follow that by a self-indulging warm shower after shampooing and conditioning your hair nicely. Don’t forget to scrub your body well with the help of a body scrub which will make you feel clean. After getting out of the shower, moisturize your face and body along with your feet well with the help of a face cream and perfumed body lotion respectively and apply a deodorant of light fragrance. Put on your favourite inner garments and dress up like you always wanted to. Well, the most essential part is to make you hair look great and to do so, gently apply some hair softener over your beautiful hair and comb it gently to prevent hair breakage which will eventually enhance their manageability.


Thirdly, in order to feel beautiful from the inside it is essential to improve the blood circulation of your entire body and for that you need to do some yoga stretches which is part of your ‘Surya Namaskar’. The principal ingredient of feeling beautiful is to be healthy and for that you need to maintain a proportionate diet. The best way to kick start your beautiful day is by having lemon tea with honey. It is even better if you have a rejuvenation drink which will include your cereal and a cup of warm honey water. Before stepping out of your house, don’t forget to apply sunscreen lotion and spray your sandals with an air freshener. All of this will create a unique ‘aura’ around you.

4. Put on a happy face

Fourthly, now that you are out of your house it is time for you to face the world with a beautiful smile on your face. A smile not only lifts the muscles around your lips and eyes, but also generates a feel-good ripple effect in you and your brain gets an instant mood boost due to the muscle contractions. You will automatically experience inner joy when you will greet your neighbours, friends or even your newspaper boy! Always remember to thank those people who acknowledge your beauty and smile with a great sense of gratitude towards them. This will create a healthy relationship between you and your admirer, creating a positive reinforcement that makes you practise this more often. Give out your helping hand to someone who needs it and spread happiness around you. Also try to avoid the intake of junk food as much as possible and eat a healthy meal along with lots of water which will keep you blooming all day long. Last but not the least, breathe deeply. If you do shallow breathing, it manifests itself as tension in your face, throat and even your shoulders. The solution to this will be to take slow and deep breaths which will make you feel more at ease in your body.

5. Pamper yourself

Finally, come home with a smile and relax yourself by taking a self indulging and warm bubble bath. Clean up well and come out glowing!
Make yourself a hot soup before having a healthy dinner. Before going to sleep, drink a cup of chamomile tea and sit down for 30 minutes to spend time with your loves ones. Go to sleep early with a smile on your face thinking about the wonderful things in life that you have experienced till now. This will not only help you have a sound sleep but also give you peace of mind.

So, feeling beautiful is not so hard after all…isn’t it? Most importantly…it makes your life worth living!!