Tips for a Healthy Skin this Winter

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Winter Care

Winter Care

With winters setting in, the concern for a healthy skin also arises. Winters are the season of festivals, holidays, celebration but often such pleasures are spoiled. Winters often end up leaving the skin and hairs – dry, chapped, weak and unattractive. This problem is faced by everyone and there are some solutions to it as well. Listed below are some of the important things that we need to notice and change in order to have a healthy skin this winter.

To start with, let us first bring our attention as to why the winter season often leave us high and dry – the sole reason behind this is the fact that cold dry winds and the heat indoors often strip away the moisture from skin pores and hair strands which makes them appear dull, dry and weak. So, the first solution to prevent dry dead skin is to provide moisture to the body. Use skin moisturizers and hair conditioners to prevent dry itching skin and scalp.

Another important tip is to reduce the temperature of your bathing water. Though everyone enjoys hot baths during winter, but often that hot boiling water depletes the moisture content from the body and hair. So, use lukewarm water for bathing and do use moisturizers and conditioners. If in case you want a home-made moisturizer, then milk will help in keeping the skin moisturized and smooth.

Do notice what type of fabric you wear in winters. There are some artificial fabrics which might be good to prevent air to pass in, but those often are not skin-friendly. Do take care of clothing and use skin friendly winter wears. Also, do not expose your hair and skin to the chilling winds; keep them covered as much as possible. Use caps for preventing hair and wear socks and good comfy shoes.

Another important step to prevention from winters is by taking a proper diet that provides all nutrients and vitamins that your skin and hair require for this season. Vitamin D is required for the overall health of the body so do remember to soak your self in sun during winters. Apart from healthy sunshine, body needs fibrous diet and moisture during winters. Increase the intake of citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables to reward your body with glow and health. And for hairs, do nourish them with hot oil massages.

The problem of dandruff is a huge issue in winters. Be it the skin or scalp, both get dry and flaky. Do not ignore dandruff as it can later become a serious problem. Instead fight dryness and dandruff with simple steps. Do make a point that before hopping into hot shower, massage your body with oil. This helps in locking the moisture on skin and in hair roots as well. After bathing and shampooing, the excess oil will be washed away but the required moisture and nourishment will be used adequately. Also, do not forget the after-bath moisturizing.

Nails and lips often get neglected during the skin and hair care, but they are equally important. Dry and chapped lips are problematic for everyone. Using fruit-enriched lip balms, Vaseline and honey can help dry chapped lips. As for brittle and dry nails during winter, apply olive oil or Vaseline to the cuticles, gently massage the nails and finger tips and cover them for some time. Moisturizing and massaging improves the blood circulation and can help in keeping them less dry. Also, do not keep applying nail paints to the nails, give them time to breathe and leave them plain and moisturized.


Hairs are the easy target of the chilling whirling winter winds but do remember to keep them covered. Do hot oil massages and conditioning and also avoid blow drying or using any heating equipment during winters. Dryers, rollers and straighteners often leave the hair strands more dry and dull. Eat healthy and nutritious fruits, consume good amount of water, less caffeine for good hairs in winter. Also, as the static charged charges are also one of the messy troubles in winter, avoid wearing woolly caps and stick to cotton ones.

The problem of darkening and scaly elbows also becomes a hindrance in winters. Although one can avoid the unattractive showing of scaly elbows by wearing full sleeves, but to get rid of this problem there is an easy solution. A quick home-made scrub of few drops of olive oil, half a lemon’s juice and a scoop of sugar can be used to scrub off the dead skin from the elbows and ankles. This will also lighten the darkened skin and use moisturizers further to maintain good skin quality.

Do not overburden your pocket and skin by buying every XYZ winter care product from the market. Instead try and understand what your body requires. Often the expensive, popularized products are not useful in comparison to the home made remedies. Beat the winters by being in excellent health. Drink plenty of water and moisturize your body. Provide as much sunshine and nutritious food as possible. Cover skin and hair when it snows or during the dry wintry winds. Avoid excessive exposure to heat through indoor heaters, hot baths or heating based styling equipment.

The last yet significant tip would be to take active part in some rigorous physical exercise during winters. Often we tend to enjoy the winters in blankets and in comfortable warm indoors but for a healthy skin and scalp, one requires blood circulation and that only happens with exercise. Be it any sport, or jogging or yoga; do opt for some physical exercise.

Winters are desirable and fun; by taking some easy steps you can enjoy the same with more bliss. Eat, laugh, enjoy during the winters but yes do take extra care of your skin and hair.




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