Few tips before doing makeup

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Few tips before doing makeup



In this modern world everyone is keen on doing makeup where ever they tend to go whether just step out of the house to visit a friend or to a party or function. Many of them feel confident enough after the notice a change in their look. Makeup also helps to hide the face problems faced by many. It depends on 3 important things: 1) face type, 2) skin color and 3) skin concept. The other important thing is to face cut the parts on where you want to do what. It’s also called shading.

1)    Face type: we find varieties in face such as round face, oval face, heat shape, diamond shape, square shape, triangle and long face.

2)    Skin color: there are four skin color basically followed as- fair skin, wheatish skin, dark wheatish skin, very dark wheatish skin. Depending on your skin color you should select the concealer.

For fair skin: select from FS (fair skin) series concealer numbering-22, 28, 29, 38, 626A, 626B.

For wheatish skin color: FS series numbering- 25, 36, 40, 626C.

For dark wheatish skin color: FS series numbering- 24, 27, 46, 626D.

Very dark wheatish skin color: FS series numbering- 27, 665F, 665G, Negro 1, Negro 2.

*special tip*- to cover up the face problems you can use the following concealer types:

Yellow-303- fair skin

D32- for dark complexion to get a glowing effect

Chinese- to cover the dark circle on a dark skin

561- To cover the dark circle on fair skin

3)    Skin concept:  different types of makeups are done on different occasions. Light mat makeup in the morning and heavy base makeup at night.

#products you should have for doing makeup:

-         concealer -foundation
-translucent powder -Dry cake
-Pan cake -makeup fixer
-shimmer powder -mascara
-eye shadow -lip pencil
-highlighter -eyebrow color
-eye liner -blusher
-lipstick -lip gloss
-Makeup remover -brush cleaner
-neutralizer -cake shimmer
-eye liner sealer -two way gel



#things you should carry along to apply the product:


-foundation brush -oval sponge
-powder puff -powder brush
-eye shadow brush -eye liner brush
-eyebrow brush -buffing brush
-blusher brush -fan brush
-shading brush -lip liner brush
-lip filler brush -bindi brush
-mascara brush -tier smugger
-latex sponge -artificial eye lashes
-pares sponge


#few basic tips to remember before doing makeup:

–          You should always clean up your face before doing makeup. If your skin has some dead cells scrub your face to remove the dead skin so makeup can be applied evenly.

–          If there is extra lines of hair left in eyebrow trim it or remove it completely to avoid the messy look.

–          If there are few strands of hair on our face bleach it away. Once this all is taken care of you can start with your makeup.

–          Always keep in mind whenever you are doing makeup do it one shade lighter or one shade darker to your skin tone.

–          In summers you should always opt for dry base makeup and less use of oily product should be done to avoid your skin getting oily.

–          In winter opt for moisturized base makeup.

–          Never go for products which are nice because you think they are cheap always opt for the quality of products and not the money or quantity. Or it may affect your skin causing skin damage.

–          While using makeup products such as eyeliner and mascara go for waterproof products.

–          After every makeup you do clean your brush.

–          Clean your sponge with antiseptic to avoid infection.

–          Those have oily skin use astringent(available at any beauty shop or even at medical store) in face wash, those who have dry skin may use cleansing milk with their face wash and those who face the problems of dead skins and those who have rough skin may use the scrubbing technique to deep cleanse the face.

–          While applying concealer it should be applied with soft hands because if spread hardly or massage deeply on face it will create a patchy effect leaving face look bad.

–          Never apply ice before doing makeup, because it closes the pores on your face temporarily due to coolness and when the coolness shades away after few minutes the pores starts to open up and damages the makeup creating it patchy and it spreads on the face. It looks weird. So avoid this.

4)    There are two methods of makeup: single base makeup and double base makeup.

#single base makeup:

  • Before every makeup clean up your face.
  • Those face who has dark circles, pigments; pimple marks cover it with matching skin tone concealer.
  • Apply translucent powder matching to your skin tone.
  • Put on matching eye shadow to your costume.
  • Waterproof eyeliner and mascara should be applied.
  • According to the function put on light or dark shade of lipstick.

#double base makeup:

  • Repeat the same steps as above for everything but for double base makeup mix the pan cake into water make a liquid base layer and apply on your face. Evenly spread it so it won’t look patchy and too much.

Thank you for more tips keep visiting!