Top 7 Indian Comic Book Heroes

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Indian comics have been into the market for a long time by now. Their peak of sales was about 30 years ago, but still there are a lot of people who buy them. Most of us had read them when we were kids and made our own world of fantasy. Amazed by the superpowers of the heroes, and how they used to rescue the whole world from evil powers, we all had a really good time back then!

So, let’s meet our own heroes who rule the world of Indian comic books


1. Nagraj. He tops the list undoubtedly. He was created by a scientist Professor Nagmani. Nagraj doesn’t age. Build with over 6 feet stature, venom flows in his veins. He can release poisonous snakes anytime through his hands by his wills and he can control many snakes by telepathy. He can use those snakes as ladders, ropes, messengers, spies, shield etc. Through his life, Nagraj accumulated many other snakes with magical powers by giving them a place in his body. His venom is the most powerful venom in the whole world which he can breathe out in form of vapours. Opponent would die followed by melting. Nagraj has the power of being Ichchadhari, meaning he can take the form of anything or anyone whenever he wants. He can create a hypnotic reality around him using his superpowers. Nagraj disguises as his alter ego, Raj, who works at some public sector and fears a lot from snakes in the public.


Doga. Born orphan and raised by a dacoit, Doga was treated like dogs while as a child. He saw a lot of violence and cruelty around him and that made him strong. A heavily built desi badass who beats the hell out of criminals. He believes in finishing the problem itself rather than thinking about the solution. He disguises as Inspector Suraj of Mumbai Police. Doga is an expert in martial arts, he’s a great shooter and he can dodge bullets as well. He can communicate with the dogs who help him in locating the criminals at the raw darkness of the nights. He’s the favourite of many because unlike other superheroes who rely on their gifted superpowers, he has built his strength bit after bit by sweating in the gym. He is fearless, he can tolerate extraordinarily high levels of pain, and he doesn’t forgive criminals.


Super Commando Dhruv. He is the commander of a government approved crime-fighting group. When he was 14 years old, his parents were killed in a business rivalry and he then decided to dedicate his whole life against crime. He doesn’t have any alter ego like other heroes, neither has he any superpowers. He therefore relies completely upon his intelligence, skills, scientific knowledge, fighting abilities and his powerful determination to uproot all evils from this world. He can communicate to almost all animals and birds. Physically having a strong built, he can dodge even bullets from his quick reflexes. He’s an expert in free running and many acrobatic arts. Star blade is Dhruva’s personalized weapon, which could even be used as a killing machine, but he rarely uses it that way. He’s known to keep a lot of small utility items in his pockets, which can be used anywhere, everywhere.


Bheriya. With a history of more than 50 thousand years, Bheriya lives in the jungles of Assam and protects his natives from any kind of danger. The people there worship his as the wolf-god. He was split into two forms – human form (Bheriya) and animal form (Kobi) by his guru. Kobi could lengthen his tail to almost any length and he uses it as a weapon. He could even call the Bheriya Devta, who supernaturally hands him a big mace to destroy his enemies. Bheriya has the properties of a warrior. He has all the fighting skills of Kobi, plus he is wise, and has the knowledge of the old tantra vidya too.


Shakti. Originally a normal housewife, Shakti was blessed by Goddess Kali to fight against the evil. Her alter ego, Chanda, is extremely simple in nature; while Shakti doesn’t tolerate any kind of injustice at all. She can move at the speed of light and she could sense the suffering of any woman in the whole world. Shakti is blessed with a third eye, which when opened, could burn everything out of rage.


Parmanu. Going by the alter ego, Vinay, Parmanu the wonderman gets his superpowers by the special costume designed by his Uncle. He can fly with the speed of over thousand kilometers an hour. He can fire bullets from the equipment near his chest part. By using the attached tools to his special suit, he can change his size to almost any level, even up to the level of a nanometer. He completely relies on his special costume for all his superpowers.


Inspector Steel. He’s a cyborg. The brain of Inspector Amar, a law-abiding police office was planted into the steel body when he was injured beyond recovery in a fight. He weighs about half a tonne and stands over 7 feet. His well-engineered steel body is full of chips, Integrated Circuits and he is heavily armed. He’s equipped with many machines and shooting system. Normal weapons can’t harm him at all. A law-abiding perfect cop he is.


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