Travel Smart, Travel Light

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With the summer vacations going on in a full swing, most of you would be gearing up for a long trip. And if not that, you would maybe plan a day or two out . But for all of that, you need to pack your stuff , be it your luggage or be it your long list of food to carry or that big cosmetic box of yours that doesn’t really fit anywhere!


For all of that and some more, here are some tips that will help you to pack smart and pack light.


Choose a smart and light bag. The bag that you choose in a way decides what you will and what you will not take to the trip. If it fits, it will go if it doesn’t fit in your bag, it SHOULD be left home. The lighter your bag is the smarter it is. Also, make sure that your bag has lots of different compartments to store different types of items. The better the organization, the more hassle-free you packing and unpacking will be.

Carry light and durable footwear. Shoes are the non-negotiable essentials, and take up the most room in your suitcase. So without going overboard, figure out what’s appropriate for the activities you have planned. When you need to bring hiking boots or winter boots, wear them on trains and planes, and carry a pair of ballet flats in your purse to change into once you are in the flight. The only footwear that should go in your suitcase is a pair of sneakers or comfortable walking shoes, and a set of slippers that you may use as bedroom slippers; when going to the beach or swimming pool. But it is better if you restrict your footwear to one on person and one pair in the luggage.

Reduce your list of toiletries. Okay, now seriously, think about it. You absolutely do not need that huge bottle of moisturizer and that family pack of toothpaste that you have carried for a vacation trip that is just for the weekend. Also, there are hotels that provide you with soaps and shampoo sachets. So before you pack a big bag o toiletries, check what you will really need and buy packs in smaller quantities rather than carrying big bottles.

Dress up or dress down. Pack your dresses in such a way that with a single piece of clothing you can mix and match as per the need of the event . carry light weight accessories that will make you appear dressed up in any event even if you don casual clothes. So, make sure the dresses you pack can be mixed matched and made suitable as per your needs.

Make the most out of your mobile apps. Even when traveling on business, I generally leave my laptop at home and rely on my tablet or cellphone to stay connected. During the past several years I have shed yet more baggage by using a variety of smart-phone apps, instead of bringing along a big heavy set of physical things. Some of these apps are specifically designed for travel and touring. For example, I use the Instagram™ to take pictures, and a good camera if I am going sightseeing; also, I use in built apps to convert currencies and measures of altitude, weight and temperature. So when technology offers you so much, why waste it by carrying huge bulky luggage?

Kids manage stuff better than you think they do. Tell your kids that you are short of space and they will be allowed to take only a particular amount of toys. Trust me, kids understand and feel important when you tell them to choose. Also, make sure to pack clothes that dry faster for your kids incase of any food spills.

The bulkiest of the item goes on your person, not in the luggage. This goes not just for shoes, but also for heavy jeans and jackets and all your bulky pieces of clothing too. Jeans, which are heavy and take up a lot of suitcase space, are great for travel because they are so durable. Plus you can fill up your pockets with your handkerchief, your cellphone, earplugs, headphones, and so many things that you need throughout your journey. Don’t travel in shorts or a skirt, which can be easily packed and it is better to be soberly and completely dressed while travelling. The safer the better! Also, if it’s too warm to wear the jacket or coat you’ve brought, sling it over your arm.  It gives you an instantly polished look and plus, saves a lot of your baggage space.

Wear, wash, repeat. You can’t really beat the convenience of a hotel laundry service, but it can cost almost as much as certain items of clothing. In some locations, self-service Laundromats are your only alternative. Instead of shedding out a huge sum of money, rinse things out in the hotel sink. (it will also save a lot of extra clothing as you can repeat what you wear on some days of your travel. Or maybe mix match your way to glory!) . Also, pack a mild soap for the purpose or. Dry your garments on the towel rods or the retractable clothes lines that most of the hotels today provide their customers with.