Travelling : a way of learning

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“What is travelling ? Just changing your place? By no means. Travelling is changing your opinions and prejudices.” Anatole France.

People travel very often; unaware that it is a great learning experience each time. They travel for business, for pleasure and various other reasons. It is said that travelling is a supreme form of learning. When you travel you tend to gain a lot of knowledge. You learn about the local culture, the local language and you understand the mentality of the people. In addition to that you go to a new place with a whole new ambiance. The amount of exposure that gives you cannot be expressed in words. Listed below are some of the major qualities and traits  you acquire and develop  while travelling.

Tolerance : Travelling improves your tolerance levels. Patience is a virtue best learnt at the mercy of nature.Often we get annoyed by things beyond our control. When you travel you learn to let go of things over which you can exercise no control like the weather, traffic and other delays. You make some plans which are often re arranged by unavoidable factors. It is then that you realize its best to let of what is beyond your control. Also while travelling in groups slight misunderstandings always creep in. No individual can be blamed for it. It helps you understand  that each person is different. Each person reacts and responds in a different manner. You have to be tolerant of other people’s attitudes and mood swings.




When you travel you practically see the necessity for prioritizing things. Often our schedules are tight packed and you may have to skip a few spots on the itinerary. While making decisions at the very last moment, having a prioritized list on your  mind makes things much easier. Also while packing things for the tour you need to prioritize. You have to take things which are functional. You have to learn to overlook the aesthetic and material value of things at this time. This is a great analogy for selecting things for our life. You should never be moved by the mere aesthetic and material value of things or people. There is much more to it than just appearances and wealth.




Independence :

When you travel alone you have to rely only on yourself. You have to learn to trust your instincts. You have to tune in to yourself. You alone are responsible for every decision you make. That will make you analyze every situation and think of feasible solutions to all problems. It also gives you a sense of complete freedom. With no one to nag you or to advise you, you are literally forced to stand on your own feet. From deciding where to have your next meal to deciding where to stay; you have to make every decision. And your decision making skills like every other skill can be bettered with practice. With freedom comes responsibility. Responsibility makes you grow and become independent. Even a one day trip on your own is such a great way of enjoying and celebrating your independence.


You gain a lot of knowledge about various places and cultures. You also gain knowledge about local cuisines and lifestyle. You visit many places of historic or cultural importance and add some trivia to your brain. In addition to that each place has a distinct style of architecture which clearly reflects the kingdom which governed it in the earlier years. You learn about the culture and traditions of each region. You learn the rich differences among people of different areas. And most importantly you learn a few words of the local language which will help you when you visit the same place another time.

Quality time:

When you travel in groups you spend time bonding with whomever you travel. This increases the interpersonal communication. Also a lot of information is exchanged. It also makes you feel good. Human beings are social creatures. We love to talk with other people. Travelling gives you a wonderful opportunity to meet new people.  When you travel alone you have a lot of time for introspection. You get to spend that elusive me time. You can just sit on your own and spend some time thinking about the direction in which your life is headed. You can ruminate over the decisions you made and their consequences. When you travel alone you will find your self thinking a lot about how you are progressing. You will have only your thoughts to keep you company. Many people like taking a short trip alone before taking any life changing decisions. This is because during your trip you will plenty of time to mull over things and analyze everything from various perspectives. Because of this rare opportunity of absolute solitude you will make decisions which will be better for you in the long run. The above listed are only a few of the factors which make travelling a great way of learning. Other than the above stated reasons  travelling also gives us  pure pleasure. Many of us plan to go on world tours just for the heck of it. Now knowing that it has many advantages besides mere pleasure travelling will most definitely take a higher priority on you to -do list.



I am a third year Electronics and Communication Engineering student with a passion for literature. I am an avid reader ;particularly fascinated by modern fiction . I love to pen short pieces about day to day occurrences.