Treadmills are overrated

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Life is always a tad bit more hectic in the tropics, after all with all the humidity. The humidity has a peculiar way of sucking out every ounce of energy from our body. In a country like India maintaining a diet is close to impossible. We love our butter chicken. But that just keeps up our hatred for the weighing machine. But guys, here is a reality check; stop blaming the weighing machines. They work just fine. And you are not Barack Obama so save us the “I am busy” excuses and even he I am sure, finds time to work out. So, get with it and start working out. Instead of coming up with a bunch of delusional facts about how your life is hectic and busy, think of fun and exciting ways to de-stress and remain fit. Working out in a gym may not be your thing, and I will take your side on this one. Though, you might have your iPods blaring when you run on the treadmill, but what is the fun in that. Your mind wanders over your data sheets, your boss’s glare while you were presenting and your girlfriend’s new obsession with wardrobe change! So how do we connect the body and mind? Gone are the days of Atkin’s Diet, we love our fries and we will lose the extra calories we earn, without a treadmill.

But with so much peer pressure what can you do to keep the sharks at bay? The ones with the God gifted bodies and perfect BMRs? This is where we deviate from the world of gymnasiums and modify our work out sessions according to our personality. If you are a party animal and dancing is your thing then darling Zumba is just for you. Nothing feels better than a dance session every day, now does it? Not a dancer but a lot aggression to control? Maybe you should try Krav Maga, where they teach you to control the anger and use your blows to hurt your foes. Not really interested in either, but love to have the perfect bikini body? Pilates, nothing can be better. And best of all, all of this can be done with your friends, which indirectly confirms that you will have the best time ever. Now, you all need a heads up about what I am talking about.


Zumba, created by Columbian dancer and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez, is the best and full proof way to lose that extra weight and tone it all up. An incredible mix of aerobics and dancing, not to mention the sassy salsa, samba, soca, meringue, mambo. These dance lessons are choreographed in such a way so as to specialize on every part of your body. With a series of lunges and squats combined with samba it is a sure shot success. Ladies, believe me, looking at your hips moving to Hips Don’t Lie and getting it right, nothing beats that kind self satisfaction. So grab all your girlfriends and hit the studio. Running on treadmills is too old school and when you can dance away an hour with your friends, what can be better?


Krav Maga is another appealing version of remaining fit and learning the tricks of self defense. Listen up guys, if you have two left feet, Zumba might not be as much fun as you think. Also do not refer to Zumba as a girl’s thing just because you cannot pull off salsa. Krav Maga is a form of mixed martial arts stemming from a wide combination of techniques ranging from boxing, Savate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun, Judo, jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and grappling. It is beneficial for both the sexes, since it does basically include techniques to protect oneself.  So if you want to stay fit, you might just have to fight your way for it.


The last one and my personal favorite is *drum roll* Pilates. It is intense, it tones you up, and it works like magic and shapes you up the way you like. Pilates is a form of free hand exercises developed by Joseph Pilates in the 20th century, practiced by millions across the globe. Just put on your tracks and start following YouTube tutorial sessions, if joining a fitness centre is too much of a pocket pinch.

Finally, the most important thing about remaining fit and on the go, with a massive time crunch and overflowing schedule, is to find time for your own self. If your health fails, you will not be able to work towards the Manhattan penthouse suite you always wanted. So listen up, eat healthy and use these fun ways to shape up that body. You get a pass for all the butter In the world as long as you sweat it out. Young or not, it will always boost your confidence and also make the others wonder how you turned into the shizz. Do not give up on yourself, irrespective of which catastrophe strikes. Remember always, you can control your happiness, so start working towards it. And I am sure some wise person must have once said a, healthy body leads to a healthy mind.