Treat Those Tresses Well..

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Wavy long swaying with the breeze, envious as they make the television screen an drool worthy sight. More than often in the want of those luscious locks we spend fortunes on shampoos. conditioners and serums to add to the misery. Nothing as promised by the commercials seem to be realizing but we still keep home and get the other one that promised more contents than the prior one we wasted our money on. to break your greatest myth, all shampoos are just the same. the only difference is the fragrance and the packaging. So here i give you some easy ways to get those envious tresses with the simplest ingredients ever:


Lemon juice adds shine to your hair and also removes dandruff. many a times dandruff results in hair fall therefore lemon will cure that problem adding a mirror shine to your hair. Also it will keep your scalp healthy.


Honey being a natural moisturizer, recovers the lost moisture of your hair, making them dreamy soft and wont let you keep your hands off them. Honey having anti-septic properties  also cures all scalp problems. Dry hair can be fixed with the help of honey.


Yogurt or curd has high protein contents that add shine to your hair, prevents breakage and promotes hair growth. using a yogurt mask twice a week can give the hair you always dream of with out any expensive hair spa outings. protein rich yogurt also improves the quantity of your hair.


Eggs are known for being protein rich so if you want bounce in your hair along with that healthy shine eggs are your best mates. to avoid the foul smell that lingers after using a egg mask add a few drops of lime to it and you are ready to go.


Olive oil helps retain the natural oil of your hair and prevents drying up of your hair. It strengthens your hair from the scalp and adds shine even after heavy. Regular oiling also repairs hair damage due to external elements. heat a little olive oil and add castor oil to it, using this will improve your hair quality manifolds.