Trim your figure to slim!

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Trim your figure to slim!

Very few of us really take efforts to make happen what we want. As in if one wants to become slim very few of them take up exercise to get the desired outcome. Exercise is the best tonic to maintain the body and one’s age. In women’s age figure and shape is all what matters to her all the time. Every woman will agree to this, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want the beautiful and charming personality it is appreciated everywhere. Obviously if you take up exercise it will keep you maintained you will look younger than you are and everyone will envy your personality. Many people are overweight and many of them are out of proportion. They are often that way because of over eating of food containing fats or may be wrong selection of food and lack of adequate exercise. Many researchers have found that those who have overweight tend to live a short life and may suffer lot more health problems than an average person. This person can jump back to normal safely and permanently by natural laws. Normal weight over extended period is safe. Starving is not the option to reduce weight as it causes loss of essential nourishment and may bring weakness in your body. There are few exercises and techniques to bring down your weight given below follow if you want to get the perfect figure and make others jealous I surely know you all will do! This exercise can be performed at home easily you do not need help of a professional so as to do this:

  1. Waist line:

    Stand straight with your feet 12 inches apart.
    Keep your left hand by your side and right arm extended above your head with the elbow bent.
    Keeping your back straight, bend sideways from your waist to the left, sliding your left arm down your leg as you go.
    Do this 6 times and repeat the same for your right side too.

  1. Stomach:

    To tone your stomach stand straight with your hand sideways
    Now bend from the waist and try to touch the toes with your hands
    Remember not to bend your knees.
    Another option is lie down stretching your spine, hands sideways and spread legs fully.
    Raise your legs slowly as to make 90 degree angle, hold your legs in this position for some time and then lower them slowly. Repeat it 8 times every day.

  1. Thighs:

    Lie on your left side on the floor, legs straight, one arm resting comfortably on the floor in front of you; the other stretched out under your head.
    Now raise your right leg as high as you can, hold the position briefly and then lower. Repeat this process on the right side too for at least 6 times.
    Stand straight and stretch your hands forward.
    Raise your left leg and try to touch your palm.
    Do the same with the right leg. Repeat 10 times.

  1. Bust line:

    Lie flat on the ground and hand sideways. Holding a thick book in your each hand raise them at 90 degree angle.
    Now stretch them sideways horizontally. Repeat this exercise 10 times.
    Stand against a wall. Rest your hands on the wall at shoulder level.
    Try to push the wall by using force. Do this 20 times. This will correct the problem of dropping breasts.

#overall tips to maintain and stay fit:

–          Squeeze a lemon in a glass of water and take it with empty stomach. Do not follow this if you have asthma or acidity. Have a tea or coffee after half an hour break.

–          Use green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diets.


–          During night time eat oil free chapatti or roti and drink buttermilk and eat one tomato.

–          Do your households work yourself which will make utilization of nutrients and will deposit your fats.

–          You can also drink a teaspoon of honey mixed with lemon in a glass of water daily in empty stomach.

–          Drink more water as much as you can.

–          Eat raw curry leaves daily. It provides iron to your body and diminishes cholesterol.

–          You can go for regular walking for reduction of weight, but keep in mind whatever you opt for should be continuous in progress do not take breaks in between.

–          Ladies be sure that you do not take up exercises or walking during your menstrual cycle.

–          Avoid fatty foods, non-veg, fast foods, coffee and tea as far as possible.

–          Daily spare at least 20 minutes for exercises. If you prefer to walk, walk at least 2kms per day.

–          Consume garlic more which helps in digestion, controls cholesterol and also reduces weight.

–          If you have some health problems consult your doctor and plan the exercises accordingly.

–          Do some necks exercise to get stiff neck and beautiful lein neck. Eat slowly and chew every morsel of food thoroughly.

–          Never continue to eat when you feel you are full if it is a delicious dish.

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