“Turns out, all I had to do was make it rain.”

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“When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead”

Barney Stinson is a visionary. The women of the fictional backdrop of New York in ‘How I Met Your Mother’ may refer to him by a million vile names. But he truly is a visionary. Read the line that has been quoted above. Does it make sense to you? It does to everyone who has ever known Barney Stinson.

“How I Met Your Mother” Season 1 was initially aired on CBS in the year 2005. I remember watching the trailers. I did not become a fan of this show from the very beginning but the name made me curious. I started wondering about how a show could run season after season with a story-line as short as this. After all, it was simply about a father telling his children all about how he met their mother. How long could that story be? Well, now I have my answer. 9 seasons long.

Though “How I Met Your Mother” has one of the best narratives and plot (both of which die out in the end), the one thing that sticks out is the emotion. The story line is brilliantly weaved together but sadly it starts to unravel towards the end and some loose ends are never tied. With the decline of the plot, the narrative also suffers but tries its utmost best to keep the audience from noticing the insipid plot.


While people are complaining about the utter uselessness of the last season and the absolute disaster of Ted Mosby getting back together with Robin Scherbatsky, what really upsets me is the fact that they completely gave up on their character development. Anyone who knows Robin from the very beginning would know that no matter how perfect she and Ted were together, they would never last. The reason for this is obvious- she did not love Ted. People may argue that a single “No” to Ted’s “Do you love me?” does not prove anything, we must also remember that it was the only word Ted needed to understand that it was never going to happen.

While the end is rushed and abrupt, we must also understand that the makers knew that Ted was going to end up with Robin in the end. All the scenes with Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie, who played Ted’s children , were shot in the first season itself to make sure they appeared to be of the same age when the show ended, this included the scene where they reacted to the climactic, “And kids, that’s how I met your mother.” It was going to be Robin all along. But the part where they messed up is that, they designed Robin’s character wrongly for the first seven seasons and in season 9 it was too late to mend their mistakes.


Also, Barney’s character which had started out independently got deeply interwoven into Robin’s story-line. Even the people who knew that Ted could never fall out of love with Robin could not ignore the fact that she and Barney were a better fit. So their falling out in the end (which was summed up in one single episode after the makers spend two whole seasons on their wedding) seemed absolutely impossible. Moreover, I don’t think anyone was happy with Barney’s fate. Yes, the birth of Ellie and his reaction after he held her in his hands for the first time, are priceless. But a person who had loved Robin that much could not possibly just bounce back and become his old self that soon after a divorce. And if this lust for other women was so deeply ingrained in him, he would not just change into a complete father figure in the end.

barney end

According to me, the one character that was completely ruined in the process of getting Ted close to his ‘one true love’ is Barney. Over the years he had expressed his vulnerability, his fears and his kindness. It’s not very easy to like him because he does not strive to be likeable but then, when he’s not being an absolute jerk to women, his philosophies are actually very deep. Though he doesn’t get to narrate the story like Ted, it is not difficult to understand that he is not a shallow and insensitive person. So when the makers decided to take away all his depth and the honesty of his words and promises, they butchered his character in cold blood. A brilliantly layered and complicated man like him was not given a chance to complete his story with dignity.

But it’s not Ted’s fault either. As a protagonist, he’s as real as a person gets. He is a desperate, selfish and extremely unreasonable at times as all the other lovers. What I truly admire about Ted is that he is an optimist. He does not give up hope. This not always a good thing though. Again and again and again, he lets Robin go because it’s just not meant to be. His growing experience and wisdom does not matter. It’s impossible to let go of the Blue French-horn. We all know this. There are some people who seem like the perfect person for us, but somewhere in our mind there’s a constant reminder of the fact that we are never going to be together. Robin was that person for Ted. In the end, he may have gone back to her apartment because of his inability to let her go, but then nowhere is it stated that they lived ‘happily ever after’.


No matter how much we complain about the failed plot or Robin’s ridiculous wig in the last scene, we cannot help but smile and choke back our tears at the same time when Ted goes back to her apartment and holds up the blue French-horn only to be greeted by the same old Robin smiling at him from her window along with her five dogs. This show made me a bit more optimistic. No matter how screwed-up we are today, no matter how hopeless we feel- tomorrow will be better, and even if it isn’t we still have to go on hoping.

Also, whenever you’re feeling depressed, remind yourself that all you have to do to get your own Blue French-horn is to make it rain. That seems easy enough, right?