Tween Reads

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For nerds like me, reading was but natural way of life. It replaced television, soaps and practically everything as it became an obsession. This was majorly fanned by the following series which had me hooked, booked and cooked. Today I may have transitioned to deeper reads like Ayn Rand but a good Enid Blyton was what started it all. The parents who see the bookworm like me and wish that their kids calm down some, come to me for advice, and this is the list of books that can help if you have some pre-teens you want to wean into the magical world of written words. Mind you the comics are not a part of the list, no kid in the world needs to be forced to read a Marvel Comic strip.

Famous Five:

Enid Blyton


Jullian, Dick, Anne, Georgina ( George) and Timothy. The cousins whom I adored to the core. The setting is Kirrin Bay where George and her family lives. The family owns the Kirren Island which is a special pride for George. Jullian is the eldest one and is smart and responsible. He is protective of everyone especially Anne. Dick is Jullians younger brother, a year younger. He has a cheeky sort of humour but is just as smart and adventurous. Georgeina ( George as she likes is ) is the tomboy who is Jullian’s, Dick’s and Anne’s cousin. She has a fiery temper, is sharp and always on the go, George is as old as Dick. Anne is the yougest and sweetest of the lot. she doesnt like adventure but when time comes she becomes brave enough. Timothy or Timmy is George’s Dog and is a beloved member of the Five. The five get into all sorts of adventure and trouble as they discover secret passage ways around the island, they go on treks, camping and what not. The healthy sibbling razzing and the life at boarding gives it a wholesome feel. This is sure to spike interest in the kids.

Secret Seven 

Enid Blyton


Unlike the Famous five which takes place in the holiday, secret seven happens in the school term. It is a gang of the seven child detectives with a secret seven society. Peter is the founder and leader of this society. The Members are his sister Janet,Jack, George, Colin, Barbra, Pam. They have secret seven society meetings in the shed where entry is permitted only with passwords. Susie is Jack’s sister and Binkie is her friend who always tries to disrupt the meetings and play pranks on the seven as they secretly want to belong to the society. The seven go around the town and tumble into some mystery which they solve. Scamper, Janet and Peter’s pet Dog is as much a part of the gang as anyone else.

Nancy Drew

 Carolyn Keene.


For me Nancy Drew is evocative of my childhood, the fearless smart sleuth who is beauty and brains , who fights crime, has awesome friends and a lovely dad. This story is one that can be used as a window into the changing American lifestyle. You will find Nancy as a kid, as a tween, as a teen and as a professional. The series developed as the protagonist grew up. It is a good story to grow up with.

Hardy Boys 

Franklin W. Dixon


This is the guy version of Nancy drew with Frank and Joe Hardy, the Hardy brothers take on the crime. They have again evolved over time giving you plethora of novels. The simplicity of the story with the triumph of good over evil in endearing male bonding is what makes it all the more famous.

Charlie and Chocolate Factory

Roald Dahl


If detectives is not what you are looking at, try this one for it is a tale for wild imaginaton.With chocolate waterfalls and mountains of chocolate fudge, this book will be a roller coaster ride , made out of chocolate. Roald Dahl sure has a way with words and the kids.

Harry Potter

J K Rowling


This one needs no introduction but is perhaps the easiest way to get the kids crave reading. No matter how much I expound on the awesomeness of the series, one absolutely has to read it to get it. The depth of the characters, the details and the layers will surely blow you away. The movies are but a summary of the book and once you get hooked to Harry potter, thought of quitting is elegiac. There are supplementary books like Fanatastic Beasts and where to find them, Tales of Beedle the Bard to keep you trapped in the world.

Dairy of a Young Girl

Anne Frank


This is perhaps one of the coming of the age books for the kids as it is no lovey-dovey fairy tale, it is brutal reality from a point of view of a 13 year old girl. Though there are some mature content, it is one way to introduce the real world to your kid.