The vicious cycle

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The Earth is burning and well, nearing its end according to some scientists and researchers. Global warming. Rising of sea level. More insolation. Solar flares. More natural disasters. Extinction of species. Mass usage of limited resources.

All the above mentioned topics have been covered in the drawing rooms and hell, even in our bedrooms. But what is the solution? You try to develop the nation and introduce all sorts of technological innovation ranging from better medical treatment to free WiFi. But what happens? The radiation from towers kills birds and have been proven to show adverse effects on fruits in trees and human health.

PETA and other animal rights groups may cry themselves hoarse about the ill treatment of animals, while KFC opens another outlet and starts selling its dry, tasteless Chicken Nuggets or Wings like hot cakes.

animal experimentation

Pets are adorable. And friendly, if you train them well. But there’s also a rising class of people who keep pets to show off. They don’t care if the voiceless creatures are happy or not in their limited edition designer clothes and accessories. Their pets get sucked in the vortex of glittery dust that lose their sheen on being scraped off.

Going organic and vegan is very “in” right now. So in order to do that, pesticide-free crops are being grown, though not on a large scale, and all sorts of supposedly “exotic” veggies are being farmed and dished out, in fancy restaurants, having names that you can’t pronounce even if you operate on your tongue. These fancy restaurants that charge exorbitant rates even for simple salads, entice their customers and trick them into believing that the items are highly exotic and thus the prices are justified. Poor customers. They literally become poor each time they visit these places. What to do? They can’t just tell their friends that they stopped visiting fancy places.

As for growing organic crops, what happens when there’s large scale crop failure? And judging by the provisions for such situations, vegans might just starve to death.


Then there is the question of utilisation of resources in a controlled manner and how nations should agree on the quantity used blah blah blah… Now come to think of it, if a baby used to getting suckled every hour is suddenly deprived of its nourishment, what would happen? It would start crying its lungs out till you are at the risk of becoming deaf. That’s exactly what happens to a nation used to mining resources of a high quantity. You try reducing the quantity of intake and all you get is a huge, huge group of people (make that gun-toting, axe-wielding mobs) vandalizing government offices in protest.

The habits that are being grown by the children play an important part in their characters and the paths they choose. The angry mobs mentioned above may well be the spoilt children who grew up to hold guns instead of guitars.

Saving trees is a very important hobby for many people around the globe. “For every notebook of brand X, a part of the proceeds go to planting saplings”. Wow. Much dedication. “This notebook is made up of 100% recycled paper”. Oh my. That is so good. But wait. They cost so much? “Yes ma’am /sir, some profits go to the environmental organizations”, says the smiling shopkeeper who speaks with such conviction that you’d think he just planted a hundred saplings in the middle of a highway that probably connects two underprivileged nations.

“Stop using leather!!!”. “Don’t kill nature’s leather”. “Stop skinning skin!!”. “Try being without skin in sub-zero temperatures”.

The above mentioned slogans are pretty common at protest marches so are the advertisements of “Ilex opens first store at This Place. Finally, at a place near you.” and “This actress was wearing limited edition Prada/Gucci/Blah blah Spring Summer leather collection”. And the worst part is how leather goods and accessories are still a rage. You try to stop them and people are out there to accuse you of stealing jobs and slowing down progress. Sigh. If only progress could be measured by the pain of all those skinned animals and invertebrates who were probably alive when they were tortured. Truly, it’s a matter of status.

With the sudden burst of the hotel industry, managers and chefs are going all the way in order to give their delightful consumers great value for their money. The trend is such that ALL sorts of meat and portions of animals, birds, insects and all other living creature inferior to humans are being used to tickle the taste buds. That’s not all. Some countries dare their populations into trying out items having a high degree of “novelty” and equally appetizing taste to it. And there’s a problem when seemingly harmless creatures change their food habits. For some reason, gluttony isn’t only restricted to edible items anymore.

As long as the hegemony of “trying out something new” and “rise in status and economy” continues alongside the menacing profit motive behind each seemingly selfless service, Mother Nature will continue dying. Wanna save Mother Nature? Change your nature first.



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