Water as a cure

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Woman Drinking Glass of Water

It cannot be that you missed out on all the warnings that ask you to drink more and more water. Yet you probably do not even drink a small bottle of water every day. Such ignorance on the part of the majority cannot be blamed on carelessness only. Even if some people would actually care enough to drink glasses of water religiously every day, they probably cannot because of the busy schedule they have to stick to. Our lives are becoming fast and faster and the basics of healthy living are lost. The essential requirements of the body are compromised with and then we make insane demands off it to work tirelessly for hours, days on stretch, deeming it perfectly natural to use the biological constitution any way we want. But someday it is bound to give up and most of the times it does. The body responds with pain, which translates itself into common symptoms like headache, dizziness, body pain etc. It has become so common these days that not only do we not take it seriously but we actually silence ourselves with a pain killer. Did it ever occur to you that these short sessions of pain might be a direct result of dehydration and that the only cure could be water? Well if you haven’t ever considered looking at it from this perspective, maybe at the end of this article you will be convinced that you should.



On the quantity and quality of the water you drink depends how you feel throughout the day and also the strength that we usually try to look for in our body to continue with the struggle we put up every day to meet several deadlines all around is often to be found in this ubiquitous underrated liquid called water. There are several works in this area which has proven that it is chronic dehydration that produces pain in the body and other degenerative diseases. So the rounds of pain killers that you resorted to for every little discomfort in your body can very well be traced to that one cause of not drinking enough water. Water is widely regarded as the basis for life the human body is no exception. The muscles that you rely upon to conduct the simple affairs of your life in a smooth manner are 75% water! The most talked about and frequently dealt with thing in our body, blood, is 82% water. It is probably shocking to know that lungs are 90% water and the central processing system of the entire machinery, brain, is 76% water and even the hardest ones you do not expect to soften any time soon, bones, are 25% water!


One particular saying has been popularized for quite some time now and that is, you are what you eat but you are not just what you eat, you are what you drink too. This is not an attempt to convince you to buy a water purification system or any such related products but only an honest endeavor to provide you information and insights into why water happens to be so important for your body. I have often heard my grandmother saying that the quantity of water that you drink is evident from your face. As a young child I found it very interesting and was amazingly curious to know how she could tell but like you can imagine I was disappointed with a simple answer that solved the mystery. To the end of my curiosity she informed that water makes your skin glow, makes you look fresh, cleanses your body and is a cure for many of the common stomach ailments that find expression as various dermatological abnormalities on your face. Believe it or not, if you spot someone with glowing skin and a radiant smile it is probably not the makeup brand she uses but glasses of water she swears by. So now when you want to ask someone what cream she applies, you might also check the quantity of water she drinks regularly.


After a heavy oily meal, a good quantity of water might go a long way. If you eat outside late at night and given hygiene is an issue in this country, the excessive oil in your food can make you fall sick, resulting into immediate stomach cramps and the only solution is drink enough water and the problem will probably be solved with your body forming the urine. If you are not convinced about the power of water as a healer, then you might want to refer to the story of Dr. Batmanghelidj who has worked extensively on the importance of water. He was placed in the Evin Prison as a political prisoner during Iranian Revolution in the late 1970s. As a doctor in the prison one night he had to treat a fellow prisoner suffering from peptic ulcer pain, where the man was crippling and could not stand up. With no medicines to avail, Dr. Batmanghelidj gave the prisoner glasses of water to drink and to the disbelief of all, his pain disappeared in less than 10 minutes. For the rest of his four months long stay in the prison, the prisoner was instructed to drink 2 glasses of water every 3 hours and for all he knew, he lived pain free. Dr. Batmanghelidj is known to have treated at least 3000 fellow prisoners with water alone when they were diagnosed to be suffering from stress-induced peptic ulcer. Drinking water is also known to cure headache, body pain, diabetes, womb cancer, eye diseases, all ENT disorders and finally it helps you lose weight. So stay hydrated!