Water,Water Everywhere!

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Tired of working out? Does lifting weights and running on the treadmill seem oh-so-boring ? At the same time,your clothes aren’t fitting any better and breathing becomes difficult with each step. Still,you don’t want to work out.

So,what can be done? Medicines? Nah. Crash dieting? Nah. Start working out rigorously in the gym? Nah. Then?

Just put on a swimsuit and jump into the pool!

Yes,you read that right. Swimming and other water sports offer 12% to 14% more resistance to the body,thus leading to increased muscle tension and physical exertion. People of all ages can take part in water-based exercises. The reason why water exercises score over land workouts is the buoyancy of the fluid surface which is more effective in preventing injuries. Almost 90% of the body is buoyant when in water immersed up to the neck.

Water-based exercises are therapeutic in nature.People with osteoarthritis,fibromyalgia,rheumatoid arthritis have shown greater improvements with respect to hydrotherapy,without aggravating the symptoms.These exercises also improve the usage of affected joints. In fact,water sports tend to prevent overheating of the body by keeping it cool,while at the same time providing multiple functions of burning calories,increasing muscular strength,toning,improving muscular balance,building up endurance,improving circulation,cardiovascular exercise and not to forget,the act of increasing flexibility.Moreover,water activities control appetite and thus help in controlling and maintaining healthy body weight.

There are different types of water-based activities that can be tried out,based on whether you want to do it underwater or in the water.These include-

Water Walking: Feels awesome to walk on land?Often try to quietly compete with fellow walkers?Try moving forward,backward and sideways using regular,short,quick or long steps in waist-deep or chest-deep water.

Water Toning/Strength Toning: This involves upper body and lower body moves designed to strengthen,firm and sculpt the muscles by using the resistance of the water or water exercise equipment.

Water Aerobics: Full body rhythmic exercises conducted in shallow or deep water,designed to provide cardiovascular benefits.

Flexibility Training: Large movements using each body part’s full range of motion,along with full body stretches.

Water Yoga and Relaxation: Gentle,easy-flowing moves using the water as a relaxation medium.

Deep Water Running: Feel like a pro when outrunning your friends? Try running in the water without your feet touching the bottom of the pool.

Lap Swimming: This is for proficient swimmers,which I believe,many of you reading this,are.This involves swimming back and forth using various swimming strokes.

Now,for the more adventurous ones among you,don’t feel bored and go all “Yeah,I know all this” while reading this. There’s always more than one option. For everything. So,if you wanna try out something more daring enough to boast to your friends and click motion-focus pictures,this is what you should try-

Snorkeling: Well,this is for those living in beach houses and have the awesome underwater view,every time they take a dip.

Just kidding. This is mainly for viewing underwater life,but you better practise your moves in a pool before diving in the bigger one! This involves some equipments such as a tube called the snorkel,a mask and sometimes a pair of fins and a wetsuit.

Kayaking/Canoeing: A very rigorous and not to mention popular water sport practised by thousands of sports enthusiasts all over the world. It involves moving across the water surface on a boat known as a “kayak”,with the help of double-bladed paddles.

Canoeing is also similar to it with the differences being in the sitting position and the usage of single-blade paddles. These two translate into great cardio workout. But only sitting in the boat,admiring the scenery will not burn many calories.

Water Polo: Now,this is something that makes use of sports,fun and team-building. It’s a game involving two teams where they try to score goals and get points. Sounds easy? Not when you have to do it in water!

Rafting: For the ones glued to National geographic Channel,this is one sport you can try out when on a vacation. Any sort of water sports involving boats and rafts is very efficient in the toning and firming of the arms and helps in the development of the cardiovascular muscles.

Water Skiing/Kite Surfing: This is one fun sport that involves being pulled behind a boat over a body of water.This is the sort of stuff you see on TV and in films and wish you were there doing it instead of watching.

Kite surfing involves the usage of a large power kite in order to propel oneself on the water. The surfer moves in the direction the wind takes the kite. Now,that’s gonna be one huge kite!

Parasailing: This is just for fun,where the person is attached with cables to a speeding boat and with a huge parachute. As the boat speeds of,the person is  up in the air,thanks to the parachute! This is something which would make a really nice picture along with providing some real thrills!

Still sitting and reading all about water sports and how they are better than working out in gyms? Stop it and jump in the pool!

P.S. In the excitement of starting off any of the above mentioned activities,do get a medical check up done and have an experienced trainer by your side.

Happy Sporting!


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