Ways to A Natural Pedicure

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When you struggle to meet the demands of your daily life, it is your feet that probably bears the brunt of all the hard work that you put yourself through. And if your work means to spend a considerable amount of time outside under the sun, then it becomes imperative to care for your feet separately. In cases like this an appointment for a pedicure in a beauty salon is probably the simplest solution but the intricate problem of this simple affair is that most of us are too busy to even find time for a 20 minutes appointment in a salon. However, much of the time that we get is spent in caring for our face, arms etc and yet again the feet becomes a victim of our utter ignorance. But many a times you must have looked at your dirty discolored feet and resolved that they need immediate attention. Well, if this happens to be your story then you need not wait to drag yourself to a salon anymore as this can be done at home through an affordable natural pedicure.

The steps to a complete natural pedicure is simple alright but more than that its beneficial in ways you cannot imagine. Everyday your skin comes in contact with a range of chemicals as you start the day with a simple face wash and sunscreen to the last night cream you call it a day with. No matter how much you trust these products, you cannot deny that these artificial beauty products are basically chemicals, while some of them are known to be really harmful for your skin. Going by this basic idea we need not even struggle to establish that going natural is the safest way. And the feet are a known champion of all the carelessness you channel towards your body and hence it need not suffer a blow with more chemicals.


Firstly, you have to take charge of your nails. Usually the dirt beneath and around your nails makes it look dirty and extremely improper to look at. Therefore you want to first get rid of the dirt by trimming and shaping up your nails. But even before that it is imperative that you get rid of the nail polish, which makes the dirt visible and also accounts for the very first round of cleaning. After having removed the nail polish with a nail polish remover, the nails are ready to be trimmed and given a proper shape. If you want to avoid the chemicals of the nail polish remover then the good news is that there are many organic nail polish removers in the market and it will not be too hard for you to lay your hands on one. Be extremely careful while dealing with the corners because you do not want to spoil the shape of your nail cutting too much of the corner. The nail file can be used to give your nails the much desired shape.


The very next step is probably an immediate customer’s favourite and accounts for the relaxation bit in the entire process. In this step for a soothing foot soak you have to fill up your tub or basin with warm water. You have to add two teaspoons of olive oil to the water and that will do the magic as it will make the skin on your feet and ankles extremely soft which helps in removing the dead skin from your ankles and feet. You can even use rosemary or eucalyptus oil in the water which works as an antibacterial essential oil. But if you do not have access to these essential oils, there is absolutely no need to worry as you can always cut a lemon into thin slices and add it to the water. Indulge luxuriously for fifteen minutes. At this point do make sure that you rub the rough areas on your skin and scrub away the dead skin while you massage your feet with a pumice stone.


Now you have to slather and seriously slather your foot at this stage with your favourite organic lotion which smoothens your feet to a flat smooth surface. This is a process that helps you do away with the calluses and the cracked heels which honestly can only be overcome with moisture. A diligent work on this stage will probably be that final touch you needed to make your feet look perfect but it is still not over yet. The very last stage is the very repetition of that first step you took. This is the point where you shape your toenails as you cut them straight across which acts as prevention to ingrown toenails. Drop the curtain here with a drop of either almond or olive oil on the top of each toenail and also the cuticle for those shiny toes you always wanted. There is something naturally beautiful about fresh nailpolish-free toenails and there are people who cherish just that. I can almost totally assure you that by the time you get here in the process of this natural homemade pedicure you are probably going to love your toenails without the paint but however, if you would want to paint it, you can always let an organic nail paint be your very last step of the natural pedicure.