Ways to Prevent Hair Fall

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The life of metropolitan cities is extremely hectic and one cannot deny the fact that no matter how hard one tries it is extremely difficult to take out time for anything. Because of the hectic schedule, somewhere down the line one compromises on a lot of things and especially on health. Health is wealth, isn’t it? Some of the people do manage to keep a check and stay healthy. But most of the people aren’t able to do the same. As the lifestyle of the people is not healthy enough, it has led to many problems. One such problem is that of hair fall. Almost everyone goes through hair fall at some point of time or the other.

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Irrespective of whether the one going through the torture of hair fall is man or woman, both feel equal amount of pain and bothers both equally. No matter how much one tries to argue hair on the head is extremely important. These days, its an extremely common phenomenon to see young people having bald patches or their hair line receding. Most of the time that person is us. Maybe, it is time you went and stood in front of the mirror and looked hard to your hair and remember how it looked like some years back. And if by chance your hair is in a better condition than it was before then you are one of the lucky few. But if you are one of the unlucky cases, you needn’t worry. The damage done to your hair is not beyond repair. It is never too late to start taking care of your beautiful hair and make them even more beautiful.

hair-oil-glass-bottles-250x250The first step that you should follow is oiling. If you are one of those who doesn’t really like oiling their hair and believes that it makes them sticky and avoid putting it completely because it is not ‘fashionable’. Then there is a sad news for you. Your fashion statement has caused you a lot of harm. Oiling is one such thing if done regularly and properly regulates hair growth had a higher speed. One can see the results just within a few weeks, depending on the damage which has been done to your hair. So how often should  one oil their hair? The perfect answer to this question is that one should oil their hair a night before washing it, at least twice a week.  The best kind of oil that one should use on their hair is Caster oil and olive oil. If you have access to neither then you can use Coconut Oil. In order to oil your hair, take some oil in your palm and get some drops of that oil on your fingers and massage it in your hair. Continue doing this process until your whole scalp has been massaged with hair oil. Once you have oiled your hair, keep it oiled over night at least so that the scalp is able to absorb the oil properly.

Some people believe that shampooing their hair makes the hair better and helps in improving the texture of the hair. This leads to over-shampooing of the hair by people. Which in turn is extremely harmful. Believe it or not shampoo contains harmful chemicals which is extremely harmful for the hair. Sometimes people shampoo their hair on a daily basis, which is also not a good thing. People with straight and wavy hair should not shampoo their hair more than thrice a week and people with curly hair should not shampoo their hair more than twice a week. When shampooing, one should dilute the shampoo with water before applying it on their hair. One should avoid the useage of shampoo as much as one can. One can use natural products on their hair like multani miti, eggs, beer, curd etc to wash their hair. shampoo_bottle_hair_lotion_bottle_lotion_bottle_lotion_container_plastic_bottle_foam_bottle


The third important step after oiling and shampooing comes to styling your hair. We all love to style our hair and in our extremely busy and caught up lives, we tend to go for that hair style which is extremely easy to make and is a matter of a few seconds before our hair is ready. Some of such quick hair styles is a bun and ponytail. Accept it or not somewhere in our lives, we do use these hairstyles more than often. Believe it or not, one should not make either a bun or a ponytail more than twice a week. When one makes a ponytail or a bun, one needs to hold back their hair.  The holding back of hair involves pulling back of hair. When the ponytail or the bun is ready the hair continues to be pulled back. This continuous pulling of the hair causes the hair to get loose from its root and also causes breakage. So what should one make? One should try and plait their hair as often as they can, as it does not involve that much pulling of hair. While making a ponytail, one should use a hair tie instead of a rubber band.

These are some simple steps which will help you to reduce the amount of hair fall that has been going on. Make sure to follow these three simple steps religiously and your hair will soon outgrow the length it has been stuck on for ages.  One important thing that this step involves is patience and perseverance and soon enough your hair will make you happy once again, like it did when you were little.