Wearing a Size too Small

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Trying too hard to fit in? Don’t. Because you were born to stand out.

“In the Sixties, fashion was about liberation. It was about setting women free; it wasn’t about being unable to walk.”
Ever tried to fit yourself in that perfect little black dress or that khaki short you couldn’t find in your original size and scared to death that someone else might take it when you leave it unattended so you buy it even if it’s a little(too )tight.

You then inspire yourselves to wake up early in the morning to work out but then end up snoozing all your alarms, and when the occasion comes, you wear that dress even if it restricts your body movement.

So here I present a disclaimer to all those who believe that buying a dress even one size small is cool and make you look all slim and toned.

There are a lot of celebrities who often fall ill or unconscious when they wear too tight clothes just to look younger(which they obviously don’t) and slimmer.

It is never a pleasurable experience to wear tight clothes. You feel suffocated and have difficulty breathing. But that’s not all! There are a lot of reasons you should ditch that dress!

Some of the most common symptoms have been listed below for your judgement-

Tingling thigh syndrome and severe back pain-Wearing jeans or slacks too tight can cause this symptom. It would feel as if your thighs are tingling without any reason and your back seems to be a constant worry. Although rarely permanent, it can cause some serious nerve problems. Tight pants can even slow down the digestion process and you feel severe pain in the abdomen for two to three hours at least.

Fainting-Women usually used to faint after wearing a corset too tight in the old days. (Watched that one Pirates of the Caribbean movie where Kiera Knightley faints after wearing a tight corset and Jack Sparrow saves her from drowning. Yup, it did happen in the old days.) When you wear a piece of clothing too tight, it restricts your lungs to breathe due to less space making your slower and shallower. This would hence decrease the amount of oxygen entering your body and when that happens, you know what happens. People who are a foodie by heart, suffer from another problem other than fainting and that’s heartburn. When you wear clothes too tight, the acid in your stomach rises to your food pipe making you experience a burning sensation in your heart, lungs and throat. You would also have a bitter taste in your mouth.

Headaches or blurred visions-Office going people generally suffer from this problem. They buy a buttoned shirt too tight or wear their ties too tight. It can decrease proper circulation to your eyes and head. Next time you feel your vision blurring, loosen your tie a bit.

But this is not all! Even if you buy shoes of small sizes, you would face some serious problems such as permanent toe deformities.

Bunion-It’s the most common toe deformity. When the big toe starts turning towards the second toe, it is known as a bunion. This occurs when you wear a small shoe and the toes don’t have much space to grow. Although sometimes it may be genetic but mostly it occurs due to tight shoes.

Corn-When layers of dead skin forms on the corners of toes or between the toes, it is known as corn. It usually forms when the skin is under constant pressure. A simple treatment like applying cotton over the area usually solves the problem but wearing shoes with enough space would be best.

Hammer toe-When toes start curling instead of staying flat, you should know you have hammer toe. (Funny name though)It is one of the most serious toe problems as it causes immense pain. The worst part is that if the toe remains in the same position, the muscles attached to the toes will weaken eventually adding to your problems. In some severe cases, surgery would be the only option to rectify it.

Crossover toe- A crossover toe is when second and third toe move over to the toe next to it. It happens when the toes are cramped in a very small space. Again for severe cases, surgery is the only option.

Ingrown toenail- It usually occurs in big toe. When toes are crammed in a small space, there is additional pressure on the big toenail. Long periods of pressure on the toe nail would cause inflammation and series pain. To avoid this, make sure your nails are trimmed especially when you wear closed shoes.

Diabetic foot-People suffering from diabetes face most serious problems. They are not able to feel skin punctures, irritations. They often suffer from severe nerve damage. If they wear shoes too tight, it may result in sores and painful blisters.

Hence a tip, always check your feet before putting on your shoes.

So I believe I have given you all enough reasons to ditch that small dress because wearing a size too small would never make you feel good about yourself.

So never wear what you think you would look good in, wear what you think would feel good. Because if you feel good, you would definitely look good.

And also, I really don’t know about you all but for me my totally unhealthy, fattening yet delicious cheese burst pizza takes the topmost priority!

You don’t need to be a size zero to be successful. Follow the examples of Adele, Demi Lovato, Meghan Trainor. They are certainly not size zeros but they still have a charm of their own which no one can beat!

So instead of flaunting your starved self, flaunt your natural curves.

Greetings everyone!I am Surbhi Sharma, an undergraduate science student from Delhi University.