More Weight and Less Time… ?? Here is the Solution.. !!!

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Are you fat..?? Are you busy with your work so much that you don’t get time to exercise…?? Do you want to reduce your weight…?? Then this is the right time for you to start working on it…

Obesity is hitting the modern lifestyle just as a fluid that spreads infinitely. We all want to look good, not only beautiful but also smart. However with this beautiful thought an evil reality hits your mind that is your increasing weight and decreasing time manageability. You get so busy with your daily chores that you tend to neglect such an important aspect of your life. Although it is fully justified that there are so many things that have to be done in a day, that it is very normal tendency to forget about self-development but in long term it cant be ignored. Obesity can have very harsh effects on your body and also on your lifestyle in long term. Laziness, joint pains, diabetics etc. are some very common diseases that open their door directly through obesity. Not only diseases but also being fat sometimes brings inferiority complex in a person. Once a person starts hiding from the world, one actually gets cut off from the society totally.

After many researches, done in various countries it was found that there are just 9 daily habits which could reduce your weight that too with out doing any physical exercise or spending time in gyms. Starting with the points you have been eagerly waiting for.. Firstly, Drink a glass of water or a cup of herbal tea before each meal or two just in case. What you think is hunger might just be thirst — it can be very difficult to analyze the difference. Drinking a full glass of water and waiting a few minutes can help you make sure you’re really hungry before you dig in. This way the water will also take up a little space in your stomach, which will help you feel satisfied even if you eat less. Drinks like lemonade etc. can also be tried if you get bored with water.

Secondly, take foods that take a while to digest. Eating items that take longer to break down will help you feel full for longer, as well as keeping your metabolism busy. Focus on foods that are high in fiber, such as apples, raspberries, broccoli, almonds etc. these items would digest very fast and would keep you active whole day. Thirdly, Don’t eat when you’re getting bored. It might seem like you’re hungry, but you’re really not. You’re just feeling bored and find eating the best option for passing the time. But this time pass can really be very dangerous for you. Fourthly, Don’t eat during night hours. This reason is fully justified, as food requires some time to digest but when we eat at night our stomach doesn’t get enough time to digest before you sleep which injects fat in your body. Fifthly, Control eating while you in stress. Stress and anxiety can lead to weight gain because often people will eat their feelings. Eating when you’re not actually hungry adds a ton of unnecessary calories to your diet that can easily be cut out by relieving stress. Specially eating while watching television should be avoided. It is tendency to eat more while you are in front of the TV screen. Sixthly, Never skip your meals. It is a misconception of people that eating less could reduce their weight. Eating less is no solution to your problem. Instead meals should ne taken at regular intervals for proper metabolism. Breakfast should be the heaviest diet of whole day following lunch, evening snacks and dinner should be the lightest.

Seventhly, Eliminate wheat and gluten from your diet. This will reduce blood sugar dips and spikes from your body and stop the cravings to eat every couple of hours that wheat’s addictive properties cause. Eighthly, Don’t eat rice daily. Rice has some fabrics which leads to increase your tendency to eat and would gradually increase your weight. Specially in nights it should be avoided. Lastly, avoid eating junk food. Junk foods might look delicious but they can harm your body a lot. Sometimes you might even crave for some dishes, in such a scenario just have one bit and feel satisfied. This would keep your stomach in habit of all items also and would restrict you from gaining weight.

People its time to loose weight and gain self-confidence that was lost somewhere in your weight. A little bit of attention can give outstanding results. Health is wealth is a very old saying and you would agree very true too. So people stop worrying and just follow a few steps to bring out that person which you always want to be. Be FIT be HAPPY and LIVE LONG… !!!!