Will Travel For Self!

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Who doesn’t want to travel and see the world? We all have wanted to, at one point of time or the other, just leave everything behind and simply travel the globe. With the onslaught of travel and lifestyle channels from all over the world coming to India, this need to travel that we had suppressed deep down in our hearts seems to be coming out again. And even our mainstream movies are cashing in on this latest travel fad – Zindagi Naa Milegi Dobara, Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani and Queen are the first ones that come to my mind! Sometimes it seems like everyone wants us to travel! And, to be honest, travel we should. Most of us have such huge workloads in the office, such great responsibilities at home that in between it all we just forget that we owe some love, time and peace to ourselves too. The problem with us Indians is that we view a vacation as a luxury –even when we are on one we feel guilty at the money being spent, the time wasted, and the amount of work that could have been accomplished in the leave that we’ve taken and so on. Thankfully with at least the youth this mindset is changing – more and more people are realizing the importance of catering to one’s own needs too. In our hearts, we are all travelers then why should we hide?
So draw up a list today, book your tickets and fulfill your ambitions. Get inspired, stay awestruck and do not miss these places –




This little piece of heaven is highly recommended especially if you are in your early twenties and are craving some freedom. Because no place, and I mean no place, in India gives you freedom like Goa does. Party all night, wear what you want, go wherever you want to! A myth about Goa is that its purely for those who want to party party party. Trust me nothing could be further from the truth! Goa has such rich and unique culture that it will blow your mind. Beautiful churches, ancient spice plantations, virgin beaches – Goa has it all. It all depends on the kind of holiday you want. For anyone and everyone Goa is perfect.




The kind of stark, barren beauty that you find here is breathtaking in its own way. Ladhakh has gorgeous snow-capped peaks, clear blue skies, vistas of mountains interrupted by lone meandering rivers – this place has always been on the wish list of every traveler. Yes the location is remote and the altitude is pretty high too, that’s why this is definitely not a place for a quick trip. Time and energy will be spent in planning out the details of how to get there, where to stay etc etc But, trust me, its worth every shred of energy that you spend. Go there – it will be the trip of a lifetime.




There is one just one phrase, childish as it may be, to describe this place –fairy land. Utterly enchanting to one and all, this place remains frozen for many many months and then blooms and how! Interestingly this little piece of heaven on earth remained unknown to all of mankind for centuries and was discovered as late as 1931! This is another journey that takes meticulous planning but is worth it. another tip – don’t stress too much clicking the perfect pictures for Facebook! Just take it all it.




Kolkata is different – but it’s a good different. Yes it takes a little getting used to but once you have made the initial effort , this place is pure magic! Aami Kolkata has everything from beautiful Victorian style buildings to the coolest new pub. You have the Victoria Memorial, The Marble Palace, Park Street, Howrah Bridge, Eden gardens and so much more – and as this list suggests there is something for everyone. So, catch a train/book a flight and experience the magic.




One of the top tourist destinations in India, if not the entire world. The amazing backwaters, the tea gardens, the temples, the greenery, the quiet, the peace – there couldn’t be a more perfect honeymoon destination in the country. If you are past the honeymoon stage, place a trip with your partner and rekindle the romance that has got lost somewhere between the office files and the pile of dishes in the sink. All it will take is some time together atop one of the famous and luxurious houseboats.

These are just five out of literally millions of places to travel in India. And fact is more our workload and level of stress in our daily lives, more is the need to plan a vacation. Go with the people you want –your closest friends, your family, your spouse or even alone. It’s all perfect. In fact travelling alone is another growing trend. At the end of it all, remember that you have one life. While its great that we work hard to provide for our loved ones, we all need to do that little something special for ourselves too : and there is no better gift than a lovely vacation.