Winter Extra Care for Men

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winter extra care for men

Season don’t matter it’s the way you carry that look matters. We say girls take lot of time in getting ready but don’t be in such a mistake in twentieth century the time has gone to equal level. Now men also want to groom themselves may it be manicure or pedicure men don’t miss a chance to be perfect. As winter season arrive it brings with itself some challenges for your skin and hair but not to worry some extra care is what you need. This winter season I have got some tips for men that will help them to look attractive.

Let’s start with the body as whole first main problem in winters are dry skin due to cold dry winds. Dry skin leads to white patches on your skin. For that you need to have moisturized skin. Buying endless products is not the solution having the right product for your skin type requirement is what you need. Boys are more into sports so for them having a lotion with them is the must when they are in the fields. Body oiling is also a must once a week before bathing having a body massage done will help you in winters and after bathing applying a right moisturiser for your skin type. This will help you in having a healthy skin. Never take a bath in hot water that will strip away the skin natural protected layer of natural oil. Have a bath in lukewarm water.

The second one is your hair in winters we tend to have dry hair where there can be dandruff. So we don’t want you to lower your points with them so oiling must be done before wash for dandruff you can use antidandruff shampoo or you can go for lemon. Lemon will help you in having dandruff free hair. Except from that hair do is must having a proper trim or cut time to time is must for men. We know messy hair are in fashion these days but to maintain them so that they look like a hairstyle is must. Remember every cut dint suite a person. But men should try different cuts and maintain them. Having proper wash applying conditioner having regular trim to maintain that classy look. Winters are the perfect season to have long hair look no sweat and no irritation. So men can even go with long hair style.

After hair are done lets go to those chapped lips. Having lip balm, or Vaseline will help you in having a perfect smile. Keep yourself hydrated, have a perfect diet. Lips need some extra care as unlike the rest of your skin they do not produce any natural oils which makes them chapped. Then are those hands which need extra care. When you have a manual job or more into sports an outdoor activities then those intensive hand cream which are men friendly and non-sticky. And proper trimming of nail should be done. Make sure your nails are clean and are in shape and wash them time to time as germs also make your hands look drier and can lead to viral diseases.

winter extra care for men

We talked about how to take care of your lips your face your body lets now talk about the face don’t forget these are the parts that are noticed more. For face you need to have gel based face wash as soap tends to take more of the internal oil for that gel based face wash are more suited. Then at night don’t forget to scrub that will take away all the dirt particles. Do not think because it is winter you don’t need a suns cream its proven that sun’s rays have ultra violet rays in them which will cause aging at the time of December so use that moisturiser which has SPF15,SPF30.

Except all these care from products what you need is food rich is vitamins and proteins and always drink plenty of drinks which will help you in keeping hydrated. You do not want some virus to bind you like Norovirus which make you restless and week. Fruits and vegetables are good source of slow release of moisture and ass well as antioxidants. Skin require more of water in winter then in rest of the year. May it be coffee or tea or juice keep yourself hydrated that all your body wants in the winter season. Then is the exercises that will help you stay active and fit. When you keep yourself busy with something you more active and the less you feel cold.

Then after all this body care tips comes what you wear and how you carry it. In winters bright colours are more in and will keep you warm. For men there are not many options to wear buts how you carry those stuff you are wearing. Mufflers and stylish caps are the extra add on that enhance your looks. A leather jacket is a must for winters may it be black or brown but it goes will whatever you wear. If you are going to address a formal gathering then blazers are the best for you. In winters bold colours are very in so pullovers can be yellow, orange, green and the one with bold patterns are also in.

Then the last thing which is must before bed is to moisturise again as that is the best time when your skin is under the repair mode. First is to scrub then apply those night cream which are according to your skin time. If you have facial hair then don’t forget to apply cream there so that you don’t have beard dandruff. Winters are all just about that extra care that’s it. That extra concern for your body will help you look more smart and active.