Winter Skin and Hair Care

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It’s the most hated and the most loved of all seasons. Some find the cold winds and the snow and snuggling in blankets romantic. Others maintain that winters were invented by the devil to suck the joy out of living creatures. Both parties, however, will agree that the winter cold can wreck havoc for your skin and hair if you don’t take necessary precautions. Read on to know more about how you can take care of your skin and hair these winters-




Winters mean dry skin for most people. If you already suffer from dry skin, it will mean all the more problems for you. Nobody likes dead, flaky white skin. The most basic solution to this problem is to moisturize your skin! Even if it too cold to bathe every morning, it is no excuse to not moisturize every morning. Use an oil based moisturizer with lactic acid for best results. Do it as often as required throughout the day to keep your skin soft and supple. And most importantly, don’t forget to moisturize after you take a bath as that will lock the moisture in.


Face Care

You can cover your arms and legs but your face faces the worst of it. It is exposed to the biting cold and freezing winds every time you move out of the house. To ensure better protection, make sure that you don’t forget to apply a moisturizing lotion or face cream every morning. Reapply before moving out of the house to make certain that the cold doesn’t get the best of you


Drink Plenty of Water

Now this is a mantra for good skin no matter what the season is. During winters however, most of us tend to drink less water. Lack of physical activity combined with the cold ensures that our water intake goes for a dip. Please ensure that you don’t do the same. Drink at least eight glasses of water every day, even if you don’t feel as thirsty as you would during the summers. Water is very important for good skin, and this fact cannot be overstated enough.



Woman Applying Sunscreen

Now it is a popular misconception that one needs to apply sunscreen only during the summers. Wrong. Sunscreen is essential for your skin no matter what the weather is. Apply a sunscreen before you go out of the house or while you bask in the winter sunlight.  And remember to choose a sunscreen with a decent SPF factor, SPF 15 or above.


Baths and face wash

Soap may dry your face up further. Choose a face wash with a built in moisturizing technique if you have extra dry skin. Apply a mild paste of bananas, yoghurtand honey once a week to make your skin softer and better. Also, please make sure that you don’t take baths with water that is too hot, no matter how great the temptation. Hot water is known to dry skin up as it breaks down the lipid barriers on skin. Add some baking soda, whole milk or oatmeal to your bath water to make it better suited for winters.


Cracked Heels Care

Winters bring with them cracked heels and callused feet. To take care of your feet during winters, make sure you keep them warm. Do not expose them to the cold, wear warm socks. Use moisturizers for cracked and dry heels. Moisturizers with a lactic acid base are especially effective. If you have calluses on your feet, use a pumice stone on them. Scrub gently once a week to get rid of dry skin.


Chapped Lips

This is the worst of all. It makes your face go from pretty to icky in seconds. Apply Vaseline liberally. Before you go to bed, coat your lips with Vaseline or ghee. If you have seriously dry and dark lips, scrub once a day with a mixture of sugar and honey. Throughout the day, carry a chap stick with you and apply as and when needed. Nowadays, you can even get chap sticks with a tint of color so they can double up as lip gloss.




Can’t wear your favourite black coat because of the dandruff and your rough, itchy scalp? Don’t worry. Oil your hair with warmed up hair oil and let it stay overnight. In the morning, wash with an anti-dandruff shampoo. Olive oil and coconut oil work best. For best results, use lukewarm water to wash your scalp and hair and avoid water that is too hot or too cold. Tea tree oil will also work well on dry and itchy scalps.


Elbows and Knees

Scaly and dry elbows and knees are unattractive. Scrub your elbows and knees once a week. Make a gentle homemade scrub using sugar, olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice. After your bath, make sure that you moisturize your joints well. Try using petroleum jelly or Vaseline each night before going to bed for better results.


Dry Hair

Again, the best thing to do is to oil your hair well to make it softer and shinier. If your hair is brittle and dry, make certain that you do not move out without first covering your head up. And do not, under any conditions, forget the conditioner. If you have extra dry hair, consider opting for a leave in conditioner so that your hair is moisturized and clean. And try not to blow dry or us heat treatments on your hair to avoid more damage.


Dry hands

Do not forget to wear gloves or mittens to lock the heat in before you head out. Also apply lotion or cream at regular intervals through the day. While washing clothes or dishes, use rubber gloves so that the harsh soap doesn’t dry your hands up further. Wear cotton gloves to bed after moisturizing to lock the moisture in.