The Wonderful Effects of Spa

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The other day I was just lazing around and watching a programme on tv about spas.The woman who was having a good time in the water(Well,it was obvious from the expressions she was giving)made me think for a while whether she really was or was doing it for the purpose of acting.So I decided to check out the facts and truth behind this technique that deals with nature. Mother nature has never failed to amaze us with the wonderful gifts she posesses.From the power to mesmerise us to the power to relieve our stress,she has it all.This is one of the gifts that she has given us.
Just as I said in my previous blog about shampoo,I am gonna tell the same facts over here.Natural ways are always safe to deal with.Ofcourse you have to be careful,I am not telling that you should not,but yeah its better than the chemical methods.Why do we all wanna go behind something that gives us side effects in the long run when we have our caring mother in the form of nature?You can use the chemical methods but not be dependent on it always.Yes natural methods are time consuming but they are good for you in the long run.Now lets steer back to our main topic over here.I am sure you will come to a good conclusion after reading it.

Now let me tell you what spa is.The term spa is associated with water treatment which is also known as balneotherapy. Spa towns or spa resorts (including hot springs resorts) typically offer various health treatments. The belief in the curative powers of mineral waters goes back to prehistoric times. Such practices have been popular worldwide, but are especially widespread in Europe and Japan. Day spas are also quite popular, and offer various personal care treatment.A spa was considered to be a royal treatment in the early days and only the members of the royal family enjoyed the pleasure of it.But now I don’t think its like that,you have to be generous enough to spend a few bucks.
Now let me tell you the different types of spas that are there.



As you read above,I am sure you understood what a spa is.It mainly deals with water and its healing properties.Water has been the reason for the existence of life.After man found out its beneficial properties he decided to put it for good use.Now let me give you an insight as to the origin of this technique.According to standard beliefs,this technique is said to have originated from the Roman era.The soldiers who fought long battles would take to rejuvenation, relaxation and treatment of sore wounds through water.Hot springs were considered to be the best cure for tired and sore muscles.They then started building baths around natural hot springs.These baths were popularly called ‘aquae’, while the treatments undertaken at these aquae were known as ‘Sanus per Aquam’ – of that SPA is taken into account to be an acronym – which means health by or through water.

I am sure you all would have heard about mud spas.This technique which was thought to be gross is soon gaining popularity among everyone,especially women.Have you ever heard about the Dead Sea?No?Let me tell you.It borders Jordan to the east and Israel and Palestine to the west.Though it is called as sea,it is actually a lake.Its specialty?It is so high in salt content that no creature ever lives here,thats not the thing.This is.If you were to try to swim in it,you won’t be able to.You would never drown in it as the high salt content makes you stay afloat.The mud found over there is said to have properties that increases the texture of the skin and you will find everyone over there with mud smeared on them.The Dead Sea is a popular tourist spot.

Now lets talk about the health benefits of spa.Spa does have a lot of health benefits.It is much affordable now a days than it was before.I am sure you all will all indulge yourself after you come to know about the heath benefits of it.
STRESSBUSTER:Spas are a great way to de-stress.The massage definitely soothes you.Soaking yourself in a tub of hot water with all those minerals in it definitely takes out those aches in your muscles.
PAINKILLER:The massages that are provided relax all the tense muscles in your body and make u feel relaxed and fresh.
MENTAL BENEFITS:Going to a spa relaxes you which in turn is good for your mind as it calms you down.
DETOXIFICATION:There are spas that offer detoxifying treatments which rid your body of all the harmful toxins and make you healthy.
GOOD SLEEP:A body that is free from stress and toxins is sure to have a good sleep.
IMPROVE FLEXIBILITY AND BREATHING:Some spas offer yoga treatments which improves your breathing.
Wow.I am sure you all are wondering how a simple treatment is packed with so many health benefits.You can take a day off with your family or friends by taking a trip to the spa.Or if you want to spend some quality time with yourself you can pay a visit all by yourself.I am sure you will find a new you after you indulge yourself in a spa treatment.So what are you waiting for?Just be ready to spend a few bucks and prepare yourself to get transported to another world.