Workout: Stay Healthy, Stay Fit!

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On the very root level, workout essentially means physical exercises done with the main motto of being fit and healthy. So, defining the domain, it could involve running, cycling, lifting weights, doing push-ups or even dancing! Whatever it be, we can always have it classified into three types based on the final outcome

1. Workout for losing body-weight,

2. Workout for gaining body-weight,

3. Workout for maintaining the current body-weight.


The general pattern of exercises which is most favored for losing weight are aerobic exercises, typically called “cardio”. Here, we mainly focus in burning loads of calories keeping a rhythmic breathing pattern throughout. How it works? Simple! More breathing means more oxygen to the body, and oxygen is what required by the basic building blocks of our body (cells) to burn the carbohydrates and fats which’ll eventually lead to weight loss. Dancing, cycling and jogging are the most typical cardio exercises. Cutting short, keep it as a rule of thumb: “The more I breathe, the more I burn”. There are ways to improve a boring cardio exercise to a fun event. For instance, playing badminton or doing mountain biking. All you need to do is burn, burn, burn!!!


Coming to the next part, workouts for gaining weight, which is more popular for its main subcategory known as bodybuilding, the equation here is quite simple: eat more than you burn!


Here is a rough guide for an underweight guy to start gaining:


  • Start eating for real! More protein, more carbohydrates and more fats. Sources of protein could be eggs, milk, chicken, mutton, oats, cereal, cheese – virtually a lot of things. Yeah, protein shakes too including albumin, whey etc. Proteins are what most of the body including muscles are made-up from. Carbs can be found in cereals, while fats in oils.
  • Workout! The main part it is. A month of initial training should be dedicated to pure bodyweight exercises, just to increase the core strength, stamina and a little power. That’d involve push-ups, pull-ups, chin-ups, sit-ups and free squats, in the order they’re written. Once in a week or so, sprinting up the hills could also be included in the schedule, to make the workout a little mixed and more happening. Initially, it might be possible that you’d not be able to do even a single pushup. In such cases, support could be taken by letting the knees down upon the ground, and then trying to push yourself up. Do as much repetitions you can, and break your own maximum on the next training day.
  •  Typically, a day of rest should be given after a day of training. People with skinny physique usually respond well to such rest-and-workout. After a month of basic strength building, you should join a gym and start working out a particular muscle group a day, which usually work together. For example, Mondays could be dedicated to Chest and shoulder workouts. Exercises could be bench press, inclined press, military press, jerks, front dumbbell raises, lateral dumbbell raises. While on Tuesday, thighs and calves could be worked out by back-squats, front-squats, lunging, calf raises, leg-presses etc. Similarly Wednesdays could be focused upon arms-biceps and triceps. Such kind of schedule gives a full body workout over a week and also gives a full-recovery time for muscle-groups before they’re stressed again. An important point to note here is while working out, you should constantly be focused upon breathing. A golden rule here is “Slowly exhale while you’re working against gravity and inhale while you’re working with the gravity.” While in the mind, keep pushing the limits of the weights. The famous bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenneger used to say “Mind is the limit”. And yeah, never forget to take the rest days! Twice a week would do!
  • Stretch, stretch, stretch! This is as essential as the main exercise itself. Stretching helps in flushing out the lactic acid accumulations in the body, avoids the chances of muscle sprain, fatigue, cramps and most importantly it increases the overall flexibility of the body.
  • Sleep! Body gets recovered while you sleep. Muscles ain’t build in the gym, they’re build while you’re sleeping and they use the nutrition you consumed throughout the day.


In case of workouts for maintaining the current bodyweights, eat a lot and burn whatever you eat! Typically people who’ve reached their saturation limits after gaining or losing weights, follow these workouts to keep their bodyweights constant while improving the overall athletic performance.


Whatever category you belong to, doing exercises is the best way to keep the body fit and fine. There is a popular saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. The saying is not perfectly true! An apple daily won’t necessarily save you from the doctor, but if you’re involved in physical exercises, while you’re eating apples too, you can definitely keep the doctor away! Here are a few more benefits of workouts:

  • People who work out regularly are more energetic everywhere, be it the office, the classes, the playground, the stage or even the bed!
  • Mental relaxation: just after finishing the workouts, the muscles begin to relax, and so does the mind.
  • A great physique! Who doesn’t want a six pack abs, a broad chest and big arms? Well, workouts could help you get them.
  • Sleep. Every day, more and more people are suffering from insomnia. After an intense physical activity, the brain signals the muscles and the body to rest, eye-lids begin to drool and you get a good sleep. And we all know how does fresh and energetic it feels in the morning after getting a good night’s sleep!

So, keep working out and stay healthy!


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