Yo, Just Chill Out!

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Failed in an exam? Dumped by the girlfriend? Not getting promotion?

Just chill out man!

Worrying about stuff is not gonna take you anywhere.

A few days ago, I came across an awesome logic. The argument was “why are you worried?” It drew various conclusions starting from why you’re worried and each one of it ended up in chilling out. See for yourself:

Given that you have a problem to be worried about. Either you can do something or you can’t do anything.

If you can do something, then do it – there’s no point in worrying.

If you can’t do anything, just worrying about it won’t make the thing done, so you need not worry this way either.

Conclusion: No worries, so, Chill out!

happy doggy

Life is too short to be taken seriously. Go and enjoy that trip, learn how to swim, sing in public even when you can’t sing (yeah baby, it’s fun – ask me) go and try that thing you never did in your life (Note: That doesn’t mean you take advantage of my logic and start killing people just because you haven’t done it before :P So, here I add the “but” factor : Do anything and everything that doesn’t harm either you or anyone else!)

There goes a very popular story in the India. There was a young man. One day Yamraj (the God of death) came to him and told “Dude, your good days are over, your alloted life-time’s over. You must die now. Come with me.” The man begged for the life. Asked I’m not even married yet. Lemme marry please. Yamraj gave him a few months. He got married and just after a few days, Yamraj came again and repeated the same dialogue. The dude replied “lemme have a baby please, babies are cute. Just a few more years”. Somehow the Yamraj was convinced again, and then after a few months, a baby comes to their life. Yamraj appeared again – this time with sheer determination to kill :/

Well, our guy should’ve been a consultant, he was good at convincing people. He again managed to convince the Yamraj that according to the dharma it’s not a good to make an innocent baby “parentless”. Let the baby grow, become an adult and then I’ll give my life myself. Yamraj waited, waited and waited. Our dude didn’t give his life. Maybe because he was very confident about his skills to fool the Yamraj.


Yamraj was angry. If there were some unit to measure the level of fury, the Yamraj’s fury was unmeasurable upon that unit. He grasped his farsa (a fancy weapon often found in Indian mythology) jumped straight upon the Earth right in front of our clever dude and blew away his head in one blow :O

From that day, Yamraj stopped waiting. It doesn’t matter which country you belong to. Yamraj maps his rules all over the world ;)

Enough of BS, for the people who believe in straightforward lessons, here’s the moral:

“The life is too short to be anything but happy.”

Well, the problem with me is that I never run out of quotes and suggestions. Here’s an another solid quote:

“The unhappiest people in this world are those who care the most about what other people think”.


Human is a social animal. He goes out, meets new people and makes new connections every now and then. And with these connections comes a social reputation. Most people spend their life in maintaining a “sophisticated” version of that reputation. I say break the rules man! You never know that it may even start a new trend! That’s how a revolution begins! That’s how new fashion is introduced to the people.

Just imagine if no one would have done anything aberrant – out of the leak, then probably we’d still been the same, for example, still wearing what we used to wear a few thousand years ago (okay, I have no idea about what type of cloth people used to wear a few thousand years ago).


There’s a fun in breaking the rules. And then there’s more fun in letting the people know that you were the one to break the rules. You can take that fun to the next level if you’re not worried at all about that all!

There is always a group of people among us who don’t believe us unless we add “it’s scientifically proven” or “experts say that” before firing our factoids. For those people, here are my bullets (and doctors have approved all of ‘em) :

  1. Chilling out gives the heart a rest, it slows down the heart beat, thus reducing the blood pressure and help you feel relaxed.
  2. Increases the blood flow to the muscles – you see, the muscles!
  3. Helps getting a good night’s sleep. Which in turn helps you feel energetic throughout the day. Which further increases your concentration, working efficiency, and enhanced immunity.Justa side-note: Yeah, instead of the corollary that lesser people will come to the doctor by following these steps, thus reducing their profits, believe me, doctors have approved all the given facts.
  4. Lessens headache and pain.
  5. You spend more of your time in the “good emotions”. Bad emotions go away!

That was all I could yell out now. Enough fundas. Yo, chill out, just like me ;)




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