Yoga – Changing Lives

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“Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time.”  – Ganga White

This quote reminds me of only one person – my grandfather. My grandfather was an avid enthusiast and a dynamic practitioner of yoga. Being a heart patient, he felt, that only yoga and its numerous benefits would keep him going in his old age. He never missed his morning and evening sessions of yoga. When he passed away, everyone attributed his healthy being and long life to only one thing – yoga. He always said, ‘Take out some time for yoga. 5 minutes, 10 minutes, whatever you can spare. This will help you in the long run. You won’t have to worry about health issues.’ I don’t think I can find a better example for the quote than this.

yoga gives time

One should remember that – yoga doesn’t change you; it makes you more of what you already are. People get swayed by the thoughts and views around them. They end up thinking like that of others. They forget who they really are and what their beliefs and ideas are. They get attached to these foreign bodies and stick to them like super-glue. Practicing yoga will help you to cleanse your body and mind of these foreign objects. It will reverse the patterns developed over time, especially the detrimental patterns.

Lives change by the decisions one make. Better decision making is one of the lessons taught by yoga. The main essence of yoga is decision making. From setting apart a particular time for yoga practice to selecting the different exercises to carry out, it all involves decision making. When you are thoughtful and purposeful while doing yoga, a chance to be more thoughtful and purposeful in life is created. People practicing yoga will one day realize that yoga eventually leads to decisions which are productive and beneficial.

A small peek of the free and happy person you can be is also ensured. It allows you to introspect and discover what it is that keeps you in good spirits. A sense of achievement and accomplishment starts to set in even after a small success, which initially seemed impossible. Though transitory, the pleasure and freedom one enjoys after working really hard and being connected to your body is an expression of your true personality.

Yoga lets you to retrospect and find answers to past happenings. It allows sorting out of any chaos that has built up in your head and is becoming the cause of your worries. The behavior of others that has harmed or hurt you may have angered you at that moment, but now, through yoga, when you connect with your mind, you realize that maybe your reaction was a wee bit overdone. You realize that it is better to forgive someone than hold a grudge against them and let negative thoughts move about in your head.

A general tendency of human beings is to worry about the future and what it has in store for them. Yoga concentrates on the present, forcing the window to future thoughts and problems to be closed. Focusing on your breathe and body posture removes all other thoughts and concentrates on your current state of mind and body. A person lives in the present, not reflecting on what has already happened and not fretting about the future, when they indulge in yoga.

Yoga teaches you to keep calm and refrain from revolting to unacceptable events. There are times when inside yourself you are screaming ‘NO’! The patience and ability to abstain from reacting to the complex yoga positions helps you here. Before reacting you learn to take a pause, a small breath, and in that instant your feelings subside and the urge to shout out dissolves.

reacting without thinking

When you can balance your whole body on one leg without shaking and trembling, balancing the various areas of your life should become much easier. You learn to balance your time and self among work, family and friends.

Yoga brings with it the courage to overcome your fears. If you can do an extremely difficult yoga pose without being worried of hurting yourself, then you can definitely conquer your other fears as well. You realize where the fear is coming from and what it is aiming for. You learn that this so-called fear is just a story made up in your mind.

Yoga can improve your self confidence, self image and self esteem. You can sort out all your problems and confusions and be able to make clear decisions. In difficult situations, keeping your cool won’t be a difficult task. Differentiating between the needs and the wants becomes easier. Focusing on the more important and necessary things becomes top priority.


Yoga has become a trend nowadays. All those who want to say bye-bye to obesity and the health problems associated with it, become the next top model, excel in their profession and lead a stress free life, take the help of yoga. Everyone from Serena Williams to Lady Gaga, Deepika Padukone to Suresh Raina practice yoga. And why shouldn’t they? With all the benefits yoga has to give, why should one have to think of it as a waste of time? Actually, yoga has the power to transform your life.